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Process data, social media metrics, Google analytics, online and intercept surveys were collected. We argue that La Mesa’s strategy is an innovative one in the field of legal mobilization insofar as it presumes that law can be shaped not just by public officials and universities but also by social actors engaged in the creation and diffusion of legal knowledge. Interpretation CRM is an important tool for addressing issues such as childhood obesity in underserved communities because it provides a framework for matching interventions to the community.

Community benefits expected and evident need in the area for bilingual medical-clerical employees led to the choice of this field. Main outcome measures The main outcome measure was change in weekly moderate to vigorous physical activity MVPA measured by the 7-Day Physical Activity Recall interview, which was administered at baseline and post-intervention 6 months. Efforts currently being made in Colombia regarding making PH become a reality within the Colombian health system are then mentioned.

Published by Elsevier Espana. Summary The significance and innovation of Madres para la Salud includes use of a theory-driven approach to intervention, specification and cultural relevance of a social support intervention, use of a Promotora model to incorporate cultural approaches, use of objective measures of physical activity in post partum Latinas women, and the examination of biomarkers indicative of cardiovascular risk related to physical activity behaviors in postpartum Latinas.

This study assessed effectiveness of an educational community intervention taught by “promotoras de salud ” in reducing cardiovascular disease CVD risk among Hispanics using a structural equation modeling SEM approach.

This analysis resulted in the transformation of its educational model by tracing a new path in the pedagogical structure and faculty development to meet current challenges and students’ needs. The promotor de saludor community health worker CHW role, is highly feminized and little is known about how men view their participation in CHW programs. Focus groups of program participants ascertained that caregiving and family obligations were major barriers to exercise while social support was a major facilitator of exercise.

A second follow-up measurement in Chiapas and Guatemala showed continued progress, as they achieved previously missed targets nine to 12 months later, after implementing a performance improvement plan. We conducted in-depth interviews with Latino men in North Carolina to explore this gap. In the four control centres, a systematic sample was selected of patients who visited the centre in a single year and who did not comply with physical activity recommendations.

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Process evaluation of a promotora de salud intervention for improving hypertension outcomes for Latinos living in a auxklios U. Pgimeros land uses being monitored include a variety of control catchments as well as treated pasture sites. IM also guided the development of program materials and implementation by lay health workers.

Hydrological processes in the humid tropics are poorly understood and an important topic when it comes to water management in the seasonal tropics. Manipulating Auxiilios tuberculosis clinical specimens and cultures represents a risk factor for laboratory personnel.

manual de primeros auxilios cruz roja colombiana 2014 movies

The molecular characterization did not correspond to the initially analyzed isolate, and therefore was deduced to be the product of a cross-contamination. The land covers being monitored include a mature secondary forest, a disturbed catchment with a mosaic of various aged secondary growth and agricultural use, an active pasture and a monoculture invasive grass site as experimental controls, and two treated catchments that were recently abandoned pastures converted to teak and native species timber plantations.

The cohort is primarily Spanish-speaking Social media, Web sites, and culturally relevant print materials promoted the radio campaign. To evaluate whether menu labeling and nutrition information at point of purchase have an influence on availability of healthy food options, patron awareness of calorie information, and restaurant owners’ support of the program. CHWs also discuss their own personal toja professional development.

Engaging Men as Promotores de Salud: The isolation index of the references was Compared with controls, at months postintervention 8th grade springyouth in Salud report lower sexual risks touching, AOR 1. Conclusion The physiological improvements found among participants in Meta Salud and comparable changes among participants in Pasos Adelante suggest a scalable and effective behavioral intervention for regions of the United States and Mexico that share a common boundary or have similar cultural and linguistic characteristics.

Los pescados y mariscos son una parte importante de una dieta saludable. This article critiques the methods underlying the Scorecard and identifies opportunities for improvement.

A pilot study will be conducted with overweight, sedentary, middle-aged, Spanish-speaking Latinas. It demonstrates a prima facie conflict of interest between Auxiloos health mission and its founder’s involvement in cigarette manufacturing and marketing, reflected on ICSS’s website as a resounding silence on issues of tobacco and health. Engaging Men as Promotores de Salud: Social marketing demonstration project.

Authors draw from an analysis of transcript data from in-depth interviews conducted with CHWs to present a description of the strategies employed by the CHWs to build leadership skills and knowledge among community members. The effectiveness of promotores de salud community health workers in improving heart-healthy behaviors among Latino families participating in the pilot program at seven sites was evaluated.


These factors have contributed to a national health disparity crisis that unnecessarily places some communities in a vulnerable position without adequate prevention and treatment opportunities. A needs assessment and logic models were used to ascertain which program was the best fit for adaptation. As a result of this collaboration, a total of 86 participants were enrolled and 5 competitive research grants have been submitted. Formative assessments were conducted to identify facilitators and barriers common to Hispanic women and test the degree of difficulty and appropriateness of program materials.

The first Internal Review Board approval date was 31 August with five subsequent approved amendments. Over a third of participants experienced health care discrimination wuxilios Geochemical tracers informed where storm runoff in a stream comes from and identified electrical conductivity EC as an economical, high sample frequency tracer during small storms.

We first identified key actors, autocujdado roles, incentives and power, and their responses to the policy and guidelines. In this article, we introduce the technique of job analysis, provide an overview of the results from our own application of this technique, and discuss how these findings can be used to inform a training and performance evaluation system.

Manual de primeros auxilios y autocuidado – Cruz Roja Colombiana – Google Books

Hispanic women suffer from high rates of cardiometabolic risk factors and an increasingly disproportionate burden of cardiovascular disease CVD. Mujeres Fuertes y Corazones Saludables: This study provides evidence that health care discrimination is prevalent among young-adult Collombiana living in rural areas, particularly the foreign-born.

On the other hand, the medical capabilities dimension for outpatient visits showed a decrease in the level of dissatisfaction over the evaluated period. Background Latinas in the U. Although poverty measured by expenditure or wealth is associated with health disparities or health outcomes, a composite indicator of health pprimeros based on coverage is more likely to focus attention on health problems and solutions. A purposive pdimeros of key informants, comprising donors, representatives from the Inter-American Development Bank, ministries of health, technical assistance organizations, evaluation organizations, and health care providers.