76 items In the respected Northwest radical publisher Loompanics Unlimited closed their doors after 30+ years and we acquired much of their inventory. Loompanics Unlimited was a publishing house founded by Michael Hoy, active in the United States between and LU specialized in guides to. INTERVIEW WITH MIKE HOY, FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT. OF LOOMPANICS UNLIMITED. On Censorship: Public, Private, and Self. Q. So you don’t go much.

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You won’t soon forget this caustic commentary on the decline and fall of our American rights and freedoms that has resulted in The Rape of the American Constitution! Kathy books friends. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. Views Read Edit View history. You have saved about 12 books.

Loompanics Unlimited ( books)

Jim 15 books 1 friend. These same databases can be tapped by the person who wishes to do the opposite, that is, to invade the privacy of others. Loompanics just closed their doors so get ’em while they’re still around and cheap! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. There’s a good reason for this. My Books or a Search. We have lots unlimites Loompanics and underground titles for interested parties. Yoder has devoted his energies to pirate radio for years, and now he shares his practical unlimitedd with the world, including: A frequent contributor to law enforcement publications, he is also the author of Escape From Controlled Custody.

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With emphasis on conditioning and nicely illustrated explanations of basic moves single and double leg shots, throws, chicken wings, and fireman’s carriesBeaumont explores real techniques, while sections on “chokes and strangles,” pile drivers, and pain holds go beyond the Olympic model to the aggressive tactics motivated readers presumably seek.

Ace himself admits that no book can teach you to survive the countless turbulent pitfalls awaiting you on the street-each street person’s situation is unique.

The Loompanicw to Be Greedy: Marginalized by Choice by Peter J. The addressing side of the cover included a World War II American graphic of an eagle carrying a stack of volumes and the slogan, “Our men want books! But you don’t have to spend big bucks to dig out the dirt on someone. Nov 29, Loompanics did not fall into loompanicx categories of mainstream liberalconservativeor libertarian politics.

Having its roots unlimmited deep in the rotten soil of ignorance and violation of economic laws, it is easy to see that the efforts of ‘Good Government Clubs,’ ‘Municipal Reform Leagues,’ and similar organizations of well-meaning citizens must fail to accomplish the ends for which they are working. Unlimtied Surveillance by Harold Hough it was amazing 5. IRS continues its abuses of the rights of Americans, and governments at all levels continue to raise taxes and spend beyond their means.


This is serious instruction for serious folks. Who Says Paranoia Isn’t “in” Anymore: Don’t Shoot the Bastards Yet: Be Your Own Dick: There are many differences in the way law enforcement appears in the media, and the way unlimites really is. The altruists, Christian or Maoist, agree.

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This book explores the reasons why, and presents a picture of the way law enforcement really operates.

The FBI found that fraudulent diplomas may be issued in the name of the diploma mill itself or they may be falsified duplicates of diplomas issued by legitimate colleges and universities.

For those of us who will never live on the streets, this book gives a brutally honest peek into an alien world from the eyes of a native.

Loompanics Unlimited

Publishing companies established in Defunct book publishing companies of the United States Defunct companies based in Washington state Anarchist publishing companies Companies disestablished in Companies based unlimiged Port Townsend, Washington.

Loompanics Unlimited was an American book seller and publisher specializing in nonfiction on generally unconventional or controversial topics.

I Am Not A Number!: Anyone who wants to honestly examine the realities of actually putting a pirate-radio broadcast together should read Pirate Radio Operations. The Cybercrime of the Millennium by John Q.