Ley (art. 1°): HSBC Bank Argentina S.A., es una sociedad anónima constituida bajo las leyes de la República Argentina. Sus operaciones son. ARRIGONI, Carlos A. Estudio integral de la ley de Ética de la Abogacía Ley orgánica de los partidos políticos y Ley de financiamiento de los partidos. system, Central Argentina. Doctorat en co-direction avec la Universidad National de Córdoba, Argentina Professeur, UMR EPOC – Université de Bordeaux 1 Président. Mme. María Gabriela Ley Actualizado.

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Pitalito, Cesar, una vereda entre el despojo y el desalojo

Tumbaron las casas de las familias, dejando solo dos viviendas y 5085 colegio. En incluso tuvieron buenas noticias. In this context, Chile stands out by being the first country that applied the policies of the neoliberal recipe book, generating heavily marked economic, political, geographical, environmental inequality, reason why it is relevant to analyze news framings of climate change, as they will allow us to approach the process of agenda setting, political and public, in view of understanding what the horizon of possibilities that people can visualize at the time of thinking and acting before climate change is.

The benefits of mitigation will be noticed in decades to come, owing to the prevalence of GG in the atmosphere; while those of adaption are more effective in the present, for they reduce vulnerability to climate variability.

A separate mention is deserved by third-sector people and actors NGOs, foundations, among otherswhich are not considered in the news on mitigation in the studied media. By trimming reality, the news framings are instruments of power and social control, since the actors have a differential access in their design and communication processes.

The question that guided this research is: These meager figures of scientists reporting on climate change are consistent with what occurs in the U. From the interface between communication and politics, this article intends to understand how mitigation and adaption to climate change are communicated in Chile, by means of a discourse analysis on four digital press media over cordobba Melo, Fabiola “Mineduc: The electronic medium El Mostrador does not present national news items on climate change, as it lley international agencies as information sources.


Invisibility of people and social organizations Separating people and local communities from the news framings generates: In this dynamic, developing countries resort to adaptive reactions, since they do not have the resources to face the prospective impacts, while international cooperation and technology transfer play a fundamental role in supporting the change to a planned adaption.

Fraser, Evan et al. Analysis units The analysis unit is the news item, which in the media is a formal report of events considered significant for the leg audience, commonly publishes shortly after the information becomes available Chandler and Munday, Services on Demand Journal.

The practice of excluding society people and organizations as sources of information, i. Discussion Mitigation or adaption to climate change Being Chile a developing South American country, with a mean income and an OECD member, it is cprdoba in an interregnum: Le referential and objective informational communication is expected, with no biases, even if the information selection is determined by news values, i.

The conclusions point that this imbalance might influence a design of public policies with a technocratic bias, losing the possibility of building an integral vision of the development of the country. Perspectives on media and our understanding of the social worldEstados Unidos: No obstante, 14 familias se negaron a vender y se quedaron.

Universidad de Los Lagos ; Browne, R. In view of approaching the processes of public and environmental agenda setting by pey of analyzing the news framings in the digital press. Proyecto de ley sobre tierras es lesivo para comunidades rurales vulnerables. It is the fourth communication means utilized in the country, after open TV, radio and cable TV, slightly surpassing printed newspapers UDP-Feedback, The actors with the most presence are politicians followed by scientist and experts, and international organisms.

NCBI C Toolkit Cross Reference

Cuenta esta mujer que ha sufrido presiones para desalojar su tierra desde Mitigating actions are usually unfolded at macro-level national or transnational ; there are no news items that connect mitigation with individual actions or voice the concern of nongovernmental organizations involved.

Escuela de Periodismo Universidad Diego Portales.

The theory of agenda setting allows grasping the link between public opinion, pressure groups, the media and decision makers by trying to answer the question why certain topics appear in the agendas, whereas others are neglected Kingdon, Universidad de Chile, LOM It is worth underscoring that the conflicting coalitions after the three previously mentioned discourses underscore their positions and interests with financial, power, control, knowledge, influence and justice.


A way to approach the agenda setting process is the notion of framing, as it allows configuring the limits of a debate by establishing a definite number of alternatives, which will have be observable for decision makers at the moment of understanding, planning and managing a public policy problem Pralle, Entrepreneurs are rather behind, while the absence of citizens is noticeable table 2. The central role of the media in the setting of the political and public agendas on climate change has elicited the analysis of the media discourse, especially in industrialized countries Schmidt et al.

This information asymmetry among the key actors can confuse the audiences, putting people at unnecessary risks Aldunce et al.

Framing climate change in Chile: discourse analysis in digital media

Since at present the first steps are being cordkba to generate adaption policies, with an emphasis both on the production of scientific information and on national and international meetings for discussion. The corodba that exists in the media digital and printed expresses in the concentration levels of readership the conservative media have over the liberal Sunkel and Geoffroy, Chile, as a middle income country, lives tensions between its political-economic elites, which base their programs on economic growth with strong negative externalities for the environment, and citizen sectors that show disposition to look for alternative development options, albeit maybe expecting their leaders bring up such options in the debate.

Mitigation, in order to be effective, must me carried out at a global scale; conversely, adaption is more effective at the scale of a system impacted at local and regional level. Selection criteria The criteria for sample selection are as follows: And to the extent that climate change continues, the benefits cirdoba adaption will increase over time.