Two gifted and highly prolific intellectuals, Leo Bersani and Adam Charmingly persuasive and daringly provocative, Intimacies is a rare. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Intimacies / Leo Bersani & Adam Phillips | Review: “Two gifted and highly prolific intellectuals, Leo Bersani and Adam. In Intimacies and in this interview, Leo Bersani asks “does knowledge of the Other create a foundation for intimacy?” Troubling certain.

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The fourth chapter does begin to add to the conversation by articulating that the first intimacy is one of ‘becoming.

Metapsychology Online Reviews

Ibtimacies striking use of queer theory will provoke a response from most readers, but the main ideas in Intimacies have long been familiar.

Selected pages Title Page. Aug 22, David rated it really liked it Shelves: Metapsychology Online reviewers normally receive gratis review copies of the items they review. This revolutionary way of relating to the world, they contend, could lead to a new human freedom by mitigating the horrifying violence we blithely accept as part of human nature.

Just when I thought I was getting out of psychoanalysis. Leo Bersani, a renowned professor in the French Department at the University of California Berkley, is widely seen as a psychoanalytically engaged writer.

What is Queer Theory?

The arc of the conversation is often difficult to follow, and oblique references are often made which then lead the conversation in beraani seemingly random direction. Each new text counts as one lot! In collaboration with his friend Adam Phillips, he wrote a dialogue and interview between the two of them called Intimacies in Who is an Intellectual and what should the Role of Intellectuals be In Intimacies, Leo Bersani and Adam Phillips argue for our complicity against what perhaps most people think of as gratifying forms of affection.



Publish now – it’s free. To test the hypothesis that the essence of the analytic exchange is intimate talk without sex, they compare Patrice Leconte’s film about an accountant mistaken for a psychoanalyst, Intimate Strangers, with Henry James’s classic novella The Beast in the Jungle.

Since the confrontation with difference is what most often prompts violence, and since some berssani of psychoanalytic thought place a premium on the ability to recognize the other, he suggests we embrace of a bit more narcissism of an “impersonal” variety. Lists with This Book. American Studies – Literature. Metapsychology Online receives a commission from Amazon.

Confidences trop intimes translated as Intimate Strangers. Jun 17, Erdem Tasdelen rated it liked it. Sociology – Political Sociology, Majorities, Minorities. In their texts, we can see the following attributes of queer theory:.

Forster Howards End captured the desire of connecting “the prose and bresani passion” in a person’s relationship with another. Account Options Sign in.

Two gifted and highly prolific intellectuals, Leo Bersani and Adam Phillips, here present a fascinating dialogue about the problems and possibilities of human intimacy. In pursuit of new forms of intimacy they take up a range of concerns across a variety of contexts.

Jan 11, Caroline rated it really liked it. Though they both want to convey to the reader that this is an attempt or trying out of a new perspective on ‘ways of being’ with another, Bersani and Phillips fall short of bringing any coherence to the ideas that they provocatively and at points intriguingly, bring to their effort.

Metapsychology New Review Announcements: A discussion of the radical practice of barebacking—unprotected anal sex between gay men—delineates an intimacy that rejects the personal. Charmingly persuasive and daringly provocative, Intimacies is a rare opportunity to listen in on two brilliant thinkers as they explore new ways of thinking about the human psyche.

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While this format is much like a real-life conversation, where neither partner may have a long-term plan for argumentation or, if they do, can not enact itin book form, much is lost.

A Discussion of Leo Bersani’s “Intimacies” and his Views on Queer Intellectuals

Hardcoverpages. Masha rated it liked it Dec 01, Andy rated it it was amazing Feb 01, Leo BersaniAdam Phillips.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Nico rated it it was amazing May 02, Queer theory is a series of ideas based on the thought that identities are not predetermined and do not control who we are.

Leo Bersani and Adam Phillips, “Intimacies” (University of Chicago Press, ) |

Intellectual Capital and Rel We feature over in-depth reviews of a wide range of books and DVDs written by our reviewers from many backgrounds and perspectives. Monetizing intellectual property in the changing music industry. Our desire to come together in a meaningful relationship with another — although always cognizant of the fact that we may feel ‘unutterably alone’ at times — is the crux of our persistent attempts at intimacy.

Mark’s Books after a workshop in then again and still loved this most: