They Came Before Columbus The African Presence in Ancient America Written by Ivan Van Sertima They Came Before Columbus Category: History – Americas. Blood River by Tim Butcher How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima King Leopold’s Ghost by. absurdity in a genre which has never attracted much rigorous scholarship in the best of times. Africanists who read They Came. Before Columbus will come.

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Ivan Van Sertima

Should be required reading in Junior High maybe even elementary schools in the U. In an early chapter about how the African Gourd reached America he befkre something like,” it makes no sense that an African of that time would simply put a gourd full of seeds in the Ocean to drift away Jan 30, Amun rated it liked it.

Oct 11, Jansen Estrup rated it it was amazing.

Jan 27, Ryn McAtee rated it it was amazing Shelves: Snow, a professor of anthropologywrote that Van Sertima “uses the now familiar technique of stringing together bits of carefully selected evidence, each surgically removed from the context that would give it a rational explanation”. Want columgus Read Currently Reading Read.

The book straddles the Atlantic Ocean and between the Americas and Africa the evidence is much more solid in Africa but when it comes to the Americas his story devolves into a narrative laced with some historical anecdotes and the occasional tidbit of weak evidence.

In Dean R. I’m utterly tired of conventional history and how it panders to White Supremacy. Jun 24, John rated it it was ok Shelves: West African’s of that period often made offerings to the Ocean, a gourd filled with seeds would be most appropriate.


Their article is available online here: But, as always, columbu carefully, read critically, and read between the lines! After all, the US economy could never be what it is today if it were not for African slaves, and such slavery relied on ‘scientific racism’.

They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America by Ivan Van Sertima

It provides further evidence that all great civilizations and races are heavily indebted to one another and that no race has a monopoly on enterprise and inventive genius.

As a literary critic, he is the author of Caribbean Writers, a collection of critical essays on the Caribbean novel. Why isn’t there any exchange of technologies?

The life and times of the black Egyptians and the black Emperors of Mali were compelling and informative reads. During the decade of the s he broadcast weekly from Britain to Africa and t Dr. Sertima however fails to provide any conclusive proof of the extensive trading – it’s all circumstantial. Rather, caje provided information for the reader to decide.

What really bugs me is that Sertima never adresses the most serious argument against his thesis: Paperbackpages. Obviously this is a controversial book, but it’s a good book. He stayed away from simply proving his point and that African American’s settima to be more respected for their contribution to society.

Ivan Van Sertima – Wikipedia

Books and bookmarks are not returnable or exchangeable. Besides making a brief mention of Eric Von-Danniken, one of my favorite Anthropologists ever, Ivan carelessly states that Von-Danniken “made up” his “spaceman theory,” a horrible misnomer as the actual Acheologica On pageof the Random House copy of this book, there is an apparent TYPO, first Paragraph, eighth line down, “Nacron a “preservative Egyptians used for Mummification ” should actually be “Natron.

Why didn’t they trade with Africans, and “give them the civilization” Van Sertima claims? This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat Here, Sertima uses arguments that are very strange, such as that the famous Olmec Stone heads are “obviously” African, and thus they must be depictions of Africans.

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I was fortunate to witness one of his talks as a student while attending Cal-State University, Long Beach.

Sertmia says, “No one discovers a fully ivwn civilization. Of these, the latter is somewhat probable, though Sertima really only proves that Mali sent fleets west and that was known before seertima book was published.

Jul 13, James Hall rated it it was amazing. Sertima however fails to do so. Byers rated it it was amazing. The best book I’ve read on African American history. He was the Editor of the Journal of African Civilizations, which he founded in and has published several major anthologies which have influenced the development of multicultural curriculum in the United States. Nov 09, Pete daPixie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jan 26, Matthew Griffiths rated it it was amazing.

Jun 29, Daniel Lee rated it segtima was ok. Books by Ivan Van Sertima. Van Sertima was born in Kitty Village, near Georgetowncolumbua what was then the colony of British Guiana present-day Guyana ; he retained his British citizenship throughout his life. Van Sertima plainly and thoroughly explains countless examples of African presence in pre-Columbian America, from gigantic Olmec stone heads with African features to the most obscure Egyptian symbols showing up in Mexican graves.

Everyone is so busy trying to defend Van Sertimas seafaring possibilities that it has blinded your logic on the obvious. Jan 15, Kembahli marked it as to-read.