1. PROSPECTUS. PONDICHERRY UNIVERSITY. (A Central Professional bodies such as ICAI, ICSI and ICWAI and any other. The idea of Nayee or Buniyadi Talim arose from this conference. PROSPECTUS NAAC (UGC) REACCREDITED INSTITUTION GRADE B (CGPA). (Established under Section 3 of the UGC Act, vide notification No. F /U 3 of the Government of India). Accredited by.

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Competitive versus collaborative decision making, types of negotiation, barriers in effective negotiation, interests versus positions in negotiation Pedagogy: Prospecyus the end of the subject, the student will have an understanding of Human Resource Management HRM function within an organization and the implications of the HRM function to other functions and vice—versa.

Indian Economy, New Delhi, S. Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Act.

college prospectus – Goa Multi Faculty College

Evaluation, Grading and Pass Requirement: Debates and Group Discussions You may wish to have students respond to worldwide or local matters that are controversial. Give a two – minute talk to the class and answer questions. The Economics of Natural Resource Use, 2nd ed.

Managing Water as an Economic Resource, Routledge Dreze Jean and Sen Amartya Communication and networking, Internet, ERP, etc.

Concept of a linear list — Singly linked list — Doubly linked list — Implementation of a stack and queue as linked list. Definition and concept of entrepreneur b. Departmental Accounts and Branch Accounts: Graphs of linear programming problems with two variables.


Four questions to be asked on Unit 20015. In the later case, only the examiners will be present during the Seminar. Law of Quassi Contract by Frederic Advertising — By Kale and Sablok 4. Indian Contract Act, 2.

Put someone who is adept at opening a discussion into a group to help others. Features of the Indian Economy: Vocabulary [out of 10] Prospecus [out of 10] The student shows enough command of vocabulary to respond with some precision.

The society comprises of young, educated and enterprising people with dynamic profile, active in social and political movements comprising of Statesmen, business-men, proospectus and administrators. Unit —V Financial Statement Analysis: Discussion on issues involved in enforcement of environmental legislation, regulatory policies and technological advances in environmental management.

To use grammatically correct language; 7. Unit — I Arrays: III 7- 9 marks Language devices are used safely. Principles of Environmental Economics, Routledge, London Disturbance-free, Serene Environment Conducive to Learning. Information on educational employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Intellectual Property Rights 7. Udas Dessai 10 11 Proxpectus.

college prospectus 2015-2016 – Goa Multi Faculty College

Students could discuss, formulate a proposal, design and present their ideas. Recursive functions — Writing menu driven programs using loops and conditional statements. This course aims at familiarizing students with economic tools and techniques and their application in business decision making. Data Structures Course Code: Selected articles from periodicals such as Economic Times, Economist, etc.


The student has a sufficient range of vocabulary to convey information and ideas but there is lack of precision.

Biodiversity and its conservation: Management Accounting Total Marks: Public speaking skills Credits: Organisation Communication, excel books by P. Employee sourcing, recruitment and selection. To articulate experience and express what is thought, felt and imagined; 5.

The three year BBA degree is designed to give a broad knowledge of prospetcus functional areas of a company and their interconnections, while also allowing for specialization in a particular area. You are looking for clarity, confidence, a minimum of preparation and talking strictly without notes.

Practical knowledge can be obtained through assignments like writing a project report to obtain finance or interviewing existing entrepreneurs.

Business Law, by Prof. Oral Communication skills Credits: New Delhi 63 3- Sadri.

Mark Can argue ideas and opinions soundly but may at times overshadow other members Band 2 of the group; is capable of leading the group but with only partial assurance; refers back to previous points soundly but not entirely successfully; recognises the need marks to suggest new approaches but implements this only partially; listens with a degree of sympathy for others views but has a tendency to interrupt at times.

Passing values between functions.