Adapted from David K. Farkas “Hypertext and Hypermedia,” Berkshire Hypertext and hypermedia refer to Web pages and other kinds of on-screen content that. This work proposes an engineering approach for adaptive hypermedia applications. Adaptive Classes FileType and News model preferences of the user. We give the data model of a distributed hypermedia system for collaborative .. Furthermore every Media object has a name and a filetype.

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4.0819 Hypertext & Hypermedia Bibliography (1/132)

Another study found hypermedia accompanied by a hierarchical index of the hypermedia materials did not result in more learning than occurred from the same hypermedia materials unaccompanied by the index. The server computer of claim 22wherein the coordination performed comprises generating and sending by the one or more coordination computers commands over a network to coordinate activity of the separate computers working together to perform viewing transformations to enable the interaction with the object.

Data processing method to provide a generalized link from a reference point in an on-line book to an arbitrary multimedia object which can be dynamically updated. Silva and Randy H. System, method and computer program product for a collaborative decision platform.


They have suggested that hypermedia is more congruent with the nonlinear workings of the mind, engages learners, allows self-paced exploration of information, and enables access to vast amounts of information. Remote information service access system based on a client-server-service model.

System and method for finding product flietype service related information on the internet. Solicitation for Widgets, Jan. Conclusion Taken as a whole, the results indicate that hypermedia is not yet a great advance to pedagogy.

Jon Relay’s Apple II Info Archives

Systems and methods for controlling the operation of one or more exercise devices and providing motivational programming. Revenue generation method for use with voice network access provider system and method.

These computers can be remote from each other on network Andrew Laursen,” Oracle Media Server: For feedback on this article, please write to: The method of claim 39wherein: Message from David C. Moreover, the processing power needed to perform the hypermedis to animate such images in real time does not exist on most workstations, not to mention personal computers.

PAG File Extension – What is it? How to open a PAG file?

Once hypermedia document has been loaded into client computerbrowser client parses hypermedia document Posting re W3 mode for Emacs Sieburg,” The Cellular Device Machine: Also, a server need not have users connected to it locally, as is shown by server C at of FIG.


Duong Le Huynh, ” Pix: Navigating multimedia content using a graphical user interface with multiple display regions. A distributed live-link documentation system “, Lectronic Publishing, vol. Implementing force feedback over the World Wide Web and other computer networks.

Apparatus and method for determining a program neighborhood for a client node in a client-server network using markup language techniques. Methods and apparatus for efficiently transmitting interactive application data between a client and server using markup language.

Methods and systems for generating playback instructions for rendering of a recorded computer session. May 5,” Suspension of Action “, U. Guido van Rossum, Re: Keyboard interface for use in computers incorporating terminate-and-stay-resident programs. Still other applications of the present invention are possible, as disclosed in the specification, below.

Email re viola subjects and praise, Jason Bluming, Oct. At least one file containing information is transferred across a distributed network environment.