Results Gouru Thirupathi Reddy – online Telugu Books. Vastu Sastra Vastavalu By Gouru Tirapathi Reddy Rs Out Of Stock. Out Of Stock. (GOURU TIRUPATI REDDY) N The Secret World of Vaasthu Modem Vastu after keen observation and experimentaion has propounded laws that the house . The Sanskrit word vaastu means “any really existing or abiding substance, thing, object, article”, and also “goods, wealth, property”. vāstu takes the meaning of.

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Similarly Cellar in the west – Never ending struggle with the worst. The Secret World of Vaasthu 45 PPOOO should be constructed in the east f ollowing Dhwajaayam, kitchen in southeast following Dhoomaayambed room in south following Simhaayam, armoury in southwest based on Shwanaayam, dininghall vaastu west based on Vrishabhaayam, cattle shed in northwest based on Kharaayamtreasury in north based on Gajaayam, prayer room in northeast following Kaakaayam.

Door, gate, bed, dining, drawing, store, stairs, toilets, trees, out house. This phenomenon leads to the formation Of a constellation.

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It is advisable to acquire vacant land located towards northeast far or near of the existing plot and to construct a small hut or a habitation in its southwest after ensuring proper northeast to that plot. By saying so, the modem Vaasthu does not belittle astrology, but only tries to expose the selfish motives of a few individuals, who fish in troubled waters by exploiting the weaknesses of the tirjpati people.

It deals with the construction of buildings both secular and religious apart from sculpture. Thus in course of time the belief has become a custom. It should not be contracted in any direction. Extension of western northwest of a house makes the western northwest heavier than southwest, which is a negative feature as per Vaasthu.

The northeast should not be increased while constructing the house. Two terminal parts of the northern lateral side towards east make northern northeast, two terminal parts of the northern lateral side towards west make northern northwest and the remaining five parts are to be construed as northern portion.

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Such a phenomenon subjects such houses to street focus from both the sides. If is said that basking in the morning sun after applying any vegetable oil to the body, helps in the formation of vitamin ‘D’ in the body, which has a curative effect on diabetes.


It had not been established firmly whether, the concept of Aayam is applicable to normal domestic houses. It is considered to be an authoritative treatise tirkpati Vaasthu, a social subject. No open space in northeast—Amounts to suffocation in the chest. East to southern south west movement – Is inauspicious to female inhabitant.

To-day what ever may be the fact, the pyramids are the great architectural embodiments of science of Vaasthu with paramedical power. Same principle applies to all the rooms in a house i. Capable of being put into practice.

Vaasthu is practicable, as it is capable of being experimented. But, the Mahabharat written by the poet Nannaya inTelugu, describes the Maya Sabha, the court built by the divine architect Maya, as round. It should be realised that wealth, prosperity and longivity are relative terms and are not subject to the’ law of Diminishing Marginal Utility.

Instead, if it is put gate in exalted in east, their will be exiguous movements through southeast and northwest. While the use of neem leaves as an insecticide to drive away cholera, is accepted by the scientists, the act of sacrificing innocent animals like goats, fowls, or sheep to propitiate the so-called evil powers, has been widely condemned.

So only one side of the moon is visible all the time. If the northeastern portion of the northeastern block is less elevated than the other portions, and if there are wells and ditches in northeast such a site ensures continuance of lineage and alround prosperity.

Another method of sun is also in vogue taking his north and southward mevement into account and the direction of sunrise. If the main entrance of a house is located in eastern exalted position, the furniture and other heavy fixtures are generally An Exit in west to southwestern room, in debilitated position of the house – Health condition confusing for the spouse.

Envisages ill health and bad omens. Northern northwest entrance – Enhances instability and menace. Those who want to construct a house, can follow the characteristics of an ideal house prescribed by Vaasthu and lead carefree, happy lives therein. But that fraction itself is enough to keep the vegetation, trees and food production sufficient for the existence of living organism.

Eg ; A famous philanthropist, charitable person Shri Budda Vengal Reddy of Vuyyalawada in Kumool district of Andhra Pradesh was awarded a gold medal by Queen Victoria in for his yeomen service and charity gesture to the famine hit victims of Andhra Pradesh in that year. It is laid down that tall trees should be planted in the west, to prevent the powerful rays of the sun during the afternoons, causing harm to the human beings and for helping the process of photosynthesis.


During the Uttarayana period many diseases and ailments, that were prevalent during Dakshinayana, subside and cause less suffering. The rays of the sun are composed of seven colours forming a spectrum viz. For a northeastern block main entrance of the house can face either north or east as per the inclination of the compass. Had it been otherwise, the scientific development and electronic, discoveries such as super – computers wouldn’t have been possible and the face of this civilized and novelised world would have been different, if the ‘Zero’ has not been propounded for mathematics, which lead to the electro-supersonic world of most complicated Storing water in south and in west, below ground level — The death is uoon the anvil.

Powerful fumes generated by the thermonuclear reaction on the sun travel with a super sonic speed. Southern southeast street trust – Encourages the host towards financial crest. The term Vaasthu is derived from the word Vasa, meaning habitat.

Street focus in northern northwest is considered unfavourable as it causes financial trouble and renders the inhabitants issueless. I believe that the reason for the unhappiness of a human being lies in the basic inability of his habitat, in offeringhim the best out of the five elements, that govern his life pattern.

We hope it for the future. Northeast Draws riches from everywhere. But construction of houses as per Vaasthu or altering the existing ones to suit the norms of Vaasthu, are much more easier methods to pave way for a happy living.

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It is not Entrance in southern southeast—Helps the female spouse almost. Sites having roads only in west are also treated as third grade sites. The sites, having road only on the southern side, in between the southeastern and southwestern blocks. Based on this magnetic principle the theory of Vaasthu prescribes that, pressure or load should be placed towards south.