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Use the ball containing water with the fountain. The map of France corresponds to the squares on the board. Exit to the reception. Take the sunglasses from the table once he turns over. The cardinal died komplettlsugnand curator Michel ten years after that, so check in graves from s.

Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

Kompleytlsung the icon on the inventory to switch playing character. The cleaner has swept the streets. Use a sack with the debris to get a coal sack. Take the gold medals.

Turn the sign thrice left till geheomakte is aligned with the beam. Look at the emblem: Use the bottle opener to ring the bell.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia Put on the hard gehejmakte. Take the life-preserver, toothpicks and a CD from the bar. Ask the guard to do a patrol route. Switch the power off.

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Use the camera with the bench to get a photo. Talk to the zookeeper.

Give the vase, trash picker and the sheet to Nina. There is a photo stuck to the back of the painting. Put the red socks and the white bathrobe in the machine to get a wet pink bathrobe. Go to the Metro. He cannot move the stand because of contract issues. Lock the chain with the metal pipe. Take the metal pipe. It contains a digital camera and a suit.

The second blue stone is exposed. Enter the Metro station. Take the aluminium foil from the floor. Use the cowl with Max. The fireflies are caught in the web. To ensure that Patterson gets the book before Forrester in the morning.

Max geheimaite the camp Take the flag, documents, hard hat, tent poles from the ruined tent, donut, balloon, beer can and glow sticks from the backpack, the teapot, a hibiscus from the bush, the fencing and the bamboo tube on the extreme right of the screen, and the peacock feather. Take the bust on the floor. Suspend the mirror from the hook in front of the info stand.


Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e)

Go to the jail. Use the flashlight on the clean window. Add the komplwttlsung sack to the sack with Nina. Use the wet bathrobe with the ventilation fan to get a dry bathrobe. Take the soda can and the nail polish.