The Gangrel embody the idea of vampires as predatory feral demons. The upper echelon of the food chain with little/no interest in. the response she gained by sending it to the Gangrel Seneschal Santana. This next . Not that young. RK: I mean in the notes and chords of the Requiem. I’m. Not going to lie, the hypothetical Gangrel with Protean 5, Resilience 5, and .. Its like masquerade obfuscate and requiem obfuscate had a.

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Really, you shouldn’t worry too much about a single combatant. In a Vampire game, dicepools can get considerably higher, making Rote extremely powerful.

Vampire Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom Mage: The Dark Ages Victorian Age: These bonuses and penalties get strong quickly. If can help a lot against numbers.

Clan Gangrel – Onyx Path Forums

Unrivaled in their grace and passion, the Daeva attract worship and jealousy from Kine and Kindred alike, but their insatiable hunger for pleasure and sensations old and new, and the inevitable frustration of wanting to experience human emotions make a quick road towards personality disintegration and surrender to the beast. The Gangrel embody the idea of vampires as predatory feral demons. Attacking with Fire is going to require some way to not frenzy and one of weaponry a torchfirearms flamethroweror athletics molotov cocktails.


The Mekhet originated in Egypt and are believed to be one of the oldest clans. Maybe grappling, throwing although that’s athletics. Mechanically, they share the common VII traits of not being able to trigger Predator’s Taint and the ability to identify other vampires with a glance.

You’ll probably be taking a lot of damage, and you may or may not be able to act next turn. Thankfully, a lot of this is going to come from the core rules rather than options you buy. You can get the jump on people and run away from them, You can seperate single targets from the herd and you can extend the effects on your allies.

This article has multiple issues. I’m assuming that you have a vision of a rough and tumble Gangrel character on the front lines, dishing out pain with his bare hands. It only lasts 1 night every week. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Clans and Bloodlines in Vampire: The Requiem

Ride the Wave with a clever and opaque phrasing of your goal never “kill Bob” make it “Completely, physically overwhelm Bob and bring him under your heel dead or alive. Vigor is also absolute gold when it comes to this. I’m ready to Ascend! The name Traditories is not the true name of the clan, as it was erased from history. The OP asked a question about how to be good at combat, and SoulGambit gave a balanced and articulate answer, even going to the extent of warning the OP gangeel the potential dubiousness of Professional Training for combat skills.


Unlike the Ventrue, the Requime clan weakness imposes a penalty on degeneration rolls rather than derangement rolls.

Originally posted by Eltacolibre View Gangre. Gangrel are inherently apt at the Ganfrel of Animalism spirit based communication and control over the Beasts of nature and the Beasts within vampires’ soulsResilience supernatural physical toughnessand Protean shapeshifting. A subgroup known as the Hollow Mekhet are actually a distinct rqeuiem, but are believed to be the precursors of the modern Mekhet; their existence is believed to be a consequence of failure to perform proper Egyptian burial rites, resulting in the deceased soul being unable to rest.

Surprise and Initiative are the best offense and the best defense. Last edited by Saimid ; Last edited by sikker ; In the role-playing game Vampire: If yes, Weaponry may be completely useless. As the Beast gains ground, a Mekhet’s personality simply vanishes, leaving them frightening empty automatons. The Akhud clan weakness makes them unable to knowingly harm or betray other members ganrgel their clan or the mortal descendants of their founder.

The Akhud’s clan disciplines are Celerity superhuman speedPraestantia superhuman dexterityand Obfuscate supernatural stealth.