The Halder Diaries is a collection of diaries written by German Colonel General Franz Halder. His diaries from his time as Chief of the Army General Staff have been an important source for authors who have written about such subjects as Adolf Hitler, World War II and the NSDAP. General Franz Halder served as chief of the German general staff from to , supervising the planning of the Blitzkrieg campaigns and the invasion of. Franz Halder, Chief of the General Staff of the Supreme Command of the Army of Germany (), kept a personal war diary concerning conferences, staff.

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Rather, he welcomed it, writing that: Kept by Halder personally in shorthand it contains notes on conferences, memoranda, staff talks, lectures, This article needs additional citations for verification. During he served as a General Staff officer in the Headquarters of the 2nd Armybefore being transferred to the 4th Army. Leach”Halder: Center for Army Lessons Learned Repository. This a fight to the haldeer.

Franz Halder

Retrieved haldet December Chiefs of the German General Staff of the Wehrmacht. Halder was not happy about this, but chose to stay on as the best way of ensuring that Germany won the diarry. Fort Leavenworth Hall of Fame.

In response, Hitler gave a speech announcing that he intended to find a replacement for Halder. At the end ofHalder oversaw development of the invasion plans of Francethe Low Countriesand the Balkans.

Scathing evaluation of Bolshevism, equals antisocial criminality. This statement enraged Hitler, who then harshly berated Brauchitsch for incompetence.

In March Halder was promoted to major and by he served as the Director of Operations Oberquartiermeister of Operations: War Journal of Franz HalderVolume 8. Halder noted in his diary his doubts “about the measures intended by Himmler”.


Incontrary to his post-war claims, Halder did not oppose the Commissar Order. Flirt as he did, in September, with those opposed to Hitler, he toed the party line when extreme pressure was exerted for the return of the Sudetenland and its German nationals by the Czechs to Germany. Commissars and GPU personnel are criminals and must be treated as such.

Though General Halder’s notes did not record any mention of Jews, the German historian Andreas Hillgruber argued that, because of Hitler’s frequent statements at the same time about the coming war of annihilation against “Judeo-Bolshevism”his generals could not have misunderstood that Hitler’s call for the total destruction of the Soviet Union also comprised a call for the total destruction of the Jewish population of the Soviet Union. In the east harshness now means mildness for the future.

Log in Favorites Help. He told Hitler that the situation along the Don was a disaster waiting to happen if Stalin turned that force loose on Stalingrad. Translated by Tony Le Tissier.

Master of Military Art and Science Theses. Diart journal of Franz Halder, volume IV. General Erich von Manstein ‘s bold plan for invading France through the Ardennes Forest proved successful, and ultimately led to the Fall of France.

Halder declared that he would support Brauchitsch if he were to try to curtail Hitler’s plans for further expansion of the war, but Brauchitsch declined the so-called Zossen Conspiracy.

On 1 February Halder was promoted to General der Artillerie. Search by date Search by date: We don’t make war to preserve the enemy Although frahz was not involved in the 20 July plot, intense interrogations of the conspirators revealed that Halder had been involved in earlier conspiracies against Hitler.


At one point, Halder thought the situation to be so desperate that he considered shooting Hitler himself. War journal of Franz Halder.

He died in in Aschau im ChiemgauBavaria. Halder’s wife Gertrud chose to, and was allowed to, accompany her husband into imprisonment.

World War II Operational Documents

This frnaz was last edited on 15 Novemberat Chamberlain’s appeasement at Munich meant the end of the plot, which shook Halder to the core and left him weeping according to Halder’s former adjutant, Burkhard Mueler-Hildebrand. Add or remove collections. This journal comprises seven volumes covering the dates 14 August to 24 Septemberthe date of Halder’s dismissal by Hitler.

Skip to main content. Author halder, franz, 8. Hitler argued that the Red Army was nearly broken. Brauchitsch and Halder had decided to overthrow Hitler after the latter had fixed “X-day” for the invasion of France for 12 Novemberan invasion that both officers believed to be doomed to failure.

On 23 Julyfollowing the failed 20 July assassination attempt on Hitler’s life by German Army officers, Halder was arrested by the Gestapo. During this wwar he directed important training maneuvers, the largest held since the reintroduction of conscription in During the s, Halder worked as a war historian advisor to the U.

The historians Ronald Smelser and Edward J.