The guardREC® solution complies with the EUROCAE ED to assist the The Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording (ED) is a set of. Std EUROCAE ED Functional specifications for CNS/ATM Recording – Including Amendment N°1. Context. Related Elements. Std EUROCAE ED EUROCAE and RTCA documents should be listed in an EUROCAE ED Safety and Performance Standard for Baseline 2 ATS Data. Communications (Baseline 2 Page

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Any eurpcae application of this document is the sole responsibility of appropriate governmental authorities. Issued in November In addition, this document provides guidance material euurocae structure of AMDBs. Software tools are widely used in multiple domains to assist in developing, verifying and controlling other software.

ER – Feasibility study weather radar for ice crystal detection Issued in August This Technical Specification document specifies the minimum performance requirements for a Wide Area Multilateration WAM System that is part of a system providing airspace situational awareness to air traffic controllers and other users within the European Air Navigation Region.

It was intended to be an evolutionary means of achieving improvements in the global air navigation system. These systems may be mounted onboard the airplane, or be groundbased. The most relevant approaches have to be identified, developed and properly documented. A full service description encompasses a logical service design, which is technology agnostic and transfers the operational information requirements into a description of the SWIM service on a conceptual level and a description of the technical service design.

Part 1 defining the minimum operational performance standards specifications for the VDL Mode 4 Aircraft Transceiver supporting core functionality.

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The document has to: Power source specifications, d. Airworthiness authorities, civil aviation authorities, and the aviation industry urge aerodrome mapping database Eueocae originators and integrators to use this document when providing those data to system designers and users. However, in the avionics industry, it brings specific challenges as systems are complex, hardware heterogeneous and coming from multiple suppliers with different infrastructures.

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The report addresses coordination processes leading towards safety, performance and interoperability assessment, with an eventual aim to support also airworthiness certification and operational approval.

This document discusses in greater detail the test procedures and highlights problem areas that could lead to test errors. This document is a supplement to EDA. Existing safety processes have not had to consider intentional disruption.

Data link communications are expected to be used for communication functions in which the use of voice communication is considered inefficient or unnecessary, thereby reducing voice-channel use and, where resulting controller workload reduction allows increases in sector size, reduction in the number of required voice channels.

A SMR provides non-cooperative detection of moving and stationary objects on the surface of an aerodrome. The following parts provide an overview about the deliverables WG has produced as individual reports, and how they can be used for standardisation of future services. It provides the interoperability requirements standard for the initial implementation of the Aeronautical Telecommunications network ATNwhich supports several Air Traffic Services.

Although technically identical, the documents ER and AIR present a limited number of editorial differences. This document deals with the result of this work and the associated recommendations.

It provides background information on the aspects of Safety, Security, Organisational Approvals and Flight Crew proficiency necessary to implement a risk based approach for the approval of operations in VLOS scenarios.

The algorithms are described at a sufficiently high level to allow for implementation in a variety of software languages and hardware platforms, thereby providing maximum freedom to manufacturers while ensuring the intended output from the system. No longer maintained Issued in April Supervision Issued in January Compliance with the objectives of EDC is the primary means of obtaining approval of software used in civil aviation products.

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It explicitly covers the exchange of real time Flight Information and Aeronautical information, and makes a number of assumptions about the provision of other types of information for example, consistent meteo and aircraft performance information. This document is intended to provide guidance to manufacturers who may apply this policy to their type design programs and to establish criteria to encourage a consistent approach be applied across industry.

Issued in June Volume 3 European Legacy Telephone Interworking. Telephone Issued in January EDG is complemented by ED ACAS X is intended to improve air safety by acting as a last-resort method of preventing mid-air collisions or near mid-air collisions NMAC between aircraft. This document provides guidance for data gathering by data originators, for data processing by data providers, for implementation by application integrators, and for end use by the aviation community furocae.

Issued on July These standards specify system characteristics that should be useful to designers, manufacturers, installers and users of the equipment. This document provides guidance to be used by aircraft manufacturers and suppliers of electronic hardware items used in aircraft systems.

The document is based on a notional architecture and is not intended for implementation and operational use until validation euroce are completed. Guidance has to be developed for equipment EMC qualification, aircraft system level verification, wiring installation and aircraft level EMC verification. Issued in March The document complements EDA [ED-1] by proposing a common collaboration model that aims to support ATM Validation Platform stakeholders to reach their goal of working together in a collaborative way.