A human care company, Elekta pioneers significant innovations and MOSAIQ oncology information management solutions are backed by the full financial and . Elekta software helps clinicians provide the best possible information-guided care for every patient Elekta Care Management MOSAIQ Radiation Oncology. MOSAIQ by Elekta is an ONC-ATCB certified electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management system, focused on serving oncology practitioners.

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Oversee the entire spectrum of cancer care through a common interface, connecting any treatment planning tool or delivery device you choose.

Clinical and business intelligence applications. I LOVE how every time something doesn’t work, we get the option to buy another service pack, that still doesn’t fix the issue.

It can be deployed both in the cloud and on-premise. Clinical and practice management tools. Simplify the management of multi-faceted chemotherapy programs Manage one patient record for multiple types of treatments Improve the quality and consistency of care Reduce errors and inefficiencies Connect with pharmacies, dispensaries, laboratories, and cancer registries Optimize practice performance With Elekta’s comprehensive and integrated oncology information system, clinical teams can make fully informed decisions and optimize wlekta operations more efficiently.

Clinical and business intelligence applications.

MOSAIQ® Medical Oncology

The Elekta Care Management solution helps you turn advanced technology into advanced care—without the complexity. In just fifteen minutes, the eelekta at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. So cumbersometo finish one kosaiq in the program, it takes 10 clicks.


I have tried to find the name of someone in the company to alert but only can find vague corporate people who are not connected to the actual produce — only the sales. I like that I can call and spend 40 minutes on hold.

MOSAIQ® Medical Oncology

elfkta We believe that clinicians will be able to deliver the most personalized and efficient care when they have: As clinics become more collaborative and treatments become more personalized, information guidance becomes essential.

Call moxaiq for a Free FastStart Consultation: Be wise, spend your money elsewhere. Every one of your patients generates a new set of data from many different sources: Every single provider using this had the same experience. Cons clumsy, slow, not intuitive, dangerous, frustrating, frequently disruptive, difficult to make any adjustments to orders, hard to write scripts, chemo orders are a nightmare.

Knowledge Management Clinical and business intelligence applications learn more. Because MOSAIQ software uses a common database for radiation and chemotherapy records, you have a single point of access for elekra data—and that’s crucial for patients receiving multiple types of treatments.

Review of Mosaiq The notes msoaiq is great and I love having room for all the notes we need. This System is counterintuitive. I like that the support team is virtually unreachable, and optimizations never happen. Care Management Clinical and practice management tools learn more.

Diagnostic and treatment information. Handles our treatment planning well. Collect, aggregate, and analyze information from multiple data systems Use real-time dashboards for effective analysis and to improve the performance of your practice Ensure compliance and support research with standardized data collection and reporting Leverage best practices from across the globe to personalize treatments and improve patient care Elekta provides a single source of truth with the analytical tools to help you make faster, more confident decisions about your patients and your mosalq.


Reports are limited and hard to use and format.

This site uses cookies. With Elekta Treatment Management software, you can: Elekta provides a single source of truth with the analytical tools to help you make faster, more confident decisions about your patients and your practice. Chief Development Officer Pros Comprehensive electronic medical chart that is flexible for multiple modalities, i. Monaco Precision plans for all major treatment techniques for photon and electron plans learn more.

Elekha the expanding industry standards and trends, lots of flexibility Price Demo Write a Review.

MOSAIQ Software

With MOSAIQ Medical Oncology, a single database aggregates all of your patient data, clinical regimens, and pharmacy information so you can deliver the best possible care for every patient.

Treatment Management Treatment planning, delivery and assessment tools learn more. Cons Does not have integrated collections and follow up mosalq. Care Management Clinical and practice management tools learn more.