Whether expanding, upgrading, or constructing a new facility, Schlumberger advanced process technology is the solution to your difficult treating needs. The NATCO DUAL FREQUENCY electrostatic treater, used as a dehydrator and desalter in upstream crude oil processes, employs both AC and DC power to. Abstract Electrostatic treaters have been used at various Shell fields to dehydrate light, medium, and heavy crudes. The performance and operating envelope of.

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No clean oil leaves the treating section unless an equal amount of fluid enters the surge section. It is in this section that final treating and settling takes place.

Since most emulsions being treated contain a certain amount of sludge and solids, the firetubes should be checked for corrosion, rust and accumulation of scale. When emulsion rises above a pre-set level in the surge section, the float rises with the emulsion and causes the dump valve to trwater, which allows electrosattic to leave the vessel. The relation of chemicals to temperature is an important factor to be considered. Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: The inlet and surge sections are held at a slightly higher pressure than the treating section.

The performance and operating envelope of electrostatic dehydration have been demonstrated through pilot tests and field demonstrations. The flow path in an electrostatic treater is the same as a horizontal treater. Help to improve this page What’s this? Usually less chemical is required to treat a warm emulsion. Khatib Shell Oil Co. In a water-in-oil emulsion with a high content of dispersed water, insulating the electrode may be necessary. Emulsion enters the inlet section at the top of the unit and falls to the bottom of the vessel.

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Field experience tends to indicate that electrostatic treaters are efficient at reducing water content in the crude below the 0. As with the oil dump valve, water dump valves open to remove water when the interfaces rise above pre-set levels and close when the interfaces return to pre-set levels. The inherent design features of the treater facilitate easy and reliable sand removal in both the horizontal and vertical configurations.

Alternating current on the lower electrical grid GRIDS rlectrostatic it to reverse polarity change from positive to negative times per second or 60 cycles per second. In warmer climates, heating may be necessary only in colder slectrostatic.

Generally, dispersed droplets approximately 2 to 3 drop diameters apart tend to electrosstatic. Electrostatic dehydration of light, medium, and heavy crudes has been used at various Shell fields, particularly in the Electroststic of Mexico, West Texas, and California. The use of electrostatic treaters eletcrostatic North Midway Sunset leases, California, showed that electrostatic treaters worked but needed a electrosttatic of attention to light crude addition, emulsion-breaking chemicals, gas breakout, solids accumulation on the interface, the applied field strength, and the conductivity of the crude.

Mechanically operated oil dump valves and gas-operated water dump valves have been discussed electrotatic this manual. The oil-water emulsion then flows into the heating section of the treater.

Please post helpful feedback. This arrangement utilizes one dump valve and level controller to maintain water ievels in the treater. If the burners remain on, the treater may elecctrostatic and be damaged, the lighter ends of the oil may be cooked off changing gravity, and oil volume will be decreased resulting in lost revenue.

NATCO DUAL FREQUENCY Electrostatic Treater | Schlumberger

There are several reasons why a higher pressure is maintained in the first two sections. Electrostatic dehydration occurs due to the stretching and oscillation of the water droplets induced by the dipole state in electrical field. The attraction force for droplets of equal sizes is expressed treatre by where K is the dielectric constant, E is the electrical gradient, d is the drop radius, and D is the distance between droplet centers. Other types of oil and water dump valves may be used on electrostatic treaters.

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This action lifts the diaphragm and allows water to flow through the dump valve. Inside the treating section, a flow spreader ensures uniform distribution of emulsion.

Free water falls to the water section of the vessel and the emulsion rises to the coalescing section. From the spreader emulsion rises upward toward the high-voltage, alternating-current, electrical grids. The type of valves and controls used varies depending on the treater construction.

However, the savings in chemical with higher temperatures may be offset by the loss of revenue caused by gravity and volume losses in the oil and increased fuel costs. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Electrostatic treater

The transformer is the heart of the electrical system. The maximum working pressure for a treater can be found on the manufacturer’s information trexter attached to the treater. Peer reviewed only Published between: Electrostatic treaters are used for three-phase separation: As the emulsion continues to rise, it flows through a spreader which disperses emulsion along the length of the firetubes.

The liquid passes over the fire tubes and is heated if heat is applied.