The Debate. [See also pp. , “Meeting Prejudice and Opposition.”] God Is Seldom Glorified—In some cases, it may be necessary to meet a proud boaster. in the larger free Online Books collection on the Ellen G. White. Estate Web site. Evangelism, the very heart of Christianity, is the theme of pri- mary importance . Some Key Thoughts from Ellen White on City Evangelism. The Urgent Need of Sharing the Gospel Message. When I think of the cities in which so little has been .

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Ellen G. White Estate: City Evangelism

Our Redeemer is the center of all our faith and hope. Amusement is not to be interwoven with instruction in the Scriptures. Yet all are to look to Jesus for wisdom, not depending upon men alone for direction. Into the very designs and principles of the church of God these truths are to enter.

Free From Cheap, Common Expressions. But be not too ready to take a controversial attitude.

We should plan our work in such a way as to keep our young people as far as possible from this contamination. He comes right to the point. He arrays them before God and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead, to preach the Word, and they are not to show a partiality for merely the prophecies and the argumentative portions of the Scriptures, but the greatest and most important lessons that are given us are those given us by Jesus Christ Himself.

Many have been taught that it is a sealed book; but it is sealed only to those who reject light and truth. As they yield their talents and their all to God to be used as he may direct; as they live out their consecration by engaging in practical missionary work wherever opportunity affords, God will bless them with wisdom and discretion, and in his own way and time he will make it possible for them to place themselves where they will not be surrounded constantly with the contaminating influences of modern city life.


In speaking words of reproof, let us evangepism all the Christlike tenderness and love possible into the voice. If they had acted conscientiously, they should be satisfied to let the matter rest where it ega.

The people must be instructed that Christ is unto them salvation and righteousness. As far as possible, our institutions should be located away from the cities.

Evangelism : The Message and its Presentation : Page

The words spoken should be of authority, that the Holy Spirit can impress them on minds. The feelings and sympathies of the people were stirred, but their consciences were not convicted, their hearts were not broken and humbled before God. He brought to the Lord the fruit of the ground, which in itself was acceptable in God’s sight.

They manifest no spirit of levity, but a solemn awe seems to rest upon them. They are to go forth in faith, and present the Word as though they believed it. We must do more than we have done to reach the people of our cities. In the sermon on the mount He instructed the people in practical godliness, distinctly outlining their duty.


The Captain of our salvation is interceding for His people, not as a petitioner to move the Father to compassion, but as a conqueror, who claims the trophies of His victory. Some Key Thoughts from Ellen White on City Evangelism The Urgent Need of Sharing the Gospel Message When I think of the cities in which so little has been done, in which there are so many thousands to be warned of the soon coming of the Saviour, I feel an intensity of desire to see men and women going forth to the work in the power of the Spirit, filled with Christ’s love for perishing souls.


Simple Speech; Clarity of Expression. Let them leave out of their discourses matters of minor consequence, and present the truths that will decide the destiny of souls.

Evangelisk and Manner of Presenting the Message. They make a world of an atom and an atom of a world. The Third Angel’s Message wgw Verity. There will be times when we must stand still and see the salvation of God.

Evangelism –

Gather up the strongest affirmative statements regarding the atonement made by Christ for the sins of the world. A benediction is pronounced upon those who pay due regard to this communication.

Therefore God gave to His servants a testimony that presented the truth as it is in Jesus, which is the third angel’s message, evangelosm clear, distinct lines. The truth is to be explained in simplicity. This represents those who bring in as truth that which is not truth, even their own suppositions and fabrications. It would therefore be a great mistake to invest money in the establishment of business interests in the cities.