Confrontation was the precursor to GW’s Necromunda, which is still in publication today as part of their Specialist Games range. Confrontation. Page 1 of 5 – Confrontation – StD’s Necromunda thread. – posted in + Necromunda: Underhive +: Well as we will soon get another edition of. Perhaps the most striking difference between Necromunda and Confrontation is that the latter doesn’t class gangs according to the house they.

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Back to top 9 Sister Alessia Posted 22 August – You have a really artistic imagination Can’t wait to see the finished leader! Back to top 12 Slave to Darkness Posted 22 August – Ill have a look for suitable axes, the old Fantasy Chaos Warrior kit has some nice axes and they go quite nice on Space Wolf minis as well.

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Necromunda First Releases (Confrontation) – Collectors Guide

I think I need to step away from the laptop for a bit and actually leave the house. Although the following figures are commonly described as Ratskins, the blister packs in which they were briefly available described them as Underhive Gangers. In other languages Deutsch. Players were given greater liberty to design the look, customs and clan history of their chosen gang, with simple ideas to go about it.

Another Escher shot, Leader is in bits bottom left, she will have the top hat that the lass at the back is wearing, lots of de-Eldaring to come. At one point before the glue set she was slowly sliding down the wall like she had one confrohtation of second best too many.

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Schultz and Sister Alessia like this. Gangs were broadly categorized into: Confrontation The box cover commissioned for Confrontation. Hidden Content and my fave, Ana looks so hardcore. She has a filthy mouth on her when she gets sniped by n00bs camping. This page was last edited on 10 Januaryat Slave to Darkness likes this. Several functions may not work. Ooh maybe a gang based on Disney Princesses!!!!

The Cover of White Dwarf No. I think since I took these pictures Jenny has lost her hat, but I have plenty of Berets in the Scion kit so she can still have her Military look. Sign In Create Account. Successful leaders attracted more Caryatids, while being abandoned by one was seen as a bad omen.

I might look into making a thread myself, maybe for people to post a picture or two of their stuff each. Im also eyeing up the Stealer Hybrid head with the ‘dust mask’ and head mounted goggles, not sure if it will look girly enough if I sculpt on cyber goth style hair falls. Community Forum Software by IP.

It’s the background of the original GW game I want to talk confronyation. I can’t post pics as I can only post from my phone at the moment. Confrontation is a set of detailed rules published in sections in White Dwarfbeginning in Much of the combat rules were inspired by Laserburnwhich also influenced the development of Warhammer 40, The game was never released outside of White Dwarf, but was re-born as Necromunda several years later.

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Necromunda meets Laserburn – with even more Grit | Confrontation | BoardGameGeek

Well, when your name is Ale I do hate it when minis won’t behave. Blog – Gates of Helvete. Castigator and Sister Alessia like this.

I like the ‘rogues gallery’ look of the models and your naming of them. Due to staring at these minis for a few years I can say that I have lost interest in finishing them off at the moment. Sister Alessia likes this. Good guess and that would be so punk!

In confrontatiin fall and winter —91 issues of White Dwarf magazine, Games Workshop proposed a skirmish-level rule-set to highlight low-key engagements within the Warhammer 40, universe. More importantly, if the figures are looked at closely, it is clear the skin they are wearing is not a ratskin but more like a wolf or dog skin.

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I should hopefully have something to show later. Views Read View source View history.

Retrieved from ” http: Also doubles up as a Spawn made from my Pleasure Cults Fleshcrafter. As for weapons the old Confrontation charts gave Venators a higher chance of starting with Needlers and Web Guns all equipment was chosen randomly for a starting gang, I quite liked that actually. From Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum. Thanks to Greg Storey for pointing this out. Just not quite 28mm tiny lol.

Thursday, 4 August Confrontation in Necromunda.