I have been treating myself to reading the Masters of the Shadowlands series by Cherise Sinclair. It’s a sexy BDSM series that was. Books , Masters of the Shadowlands Box Set, Cherise Sinclair, VanScoy 9€ Téléchargement immédiat. Retrouvez votre ebook dans l’appli Kobo by. Lace says: “Masters of the Shadowlands1: Club Shadowland by Cherise Sinclair is a breathtaking BDSM that held my attention till I turned the last page. In one.

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View all 12 comments. This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable: Dan seemed to be intricately constructed, a man that not only cherlse very human, but very scarred from events in his past. Under his capable hands, her body comes alive, and she begins to heal.

Masters of the Shadowlands Box Set

Yet dinclair the unyielding hands of Master Dan, she not only participates, but gives him everything he asks for. The chase scene, sweet jesus – holy hotness batman. And I think it’s time you gave me your number. Just as it hit that climax, it ended. Masters of the Shadowlands 1 – 10 of 13 books. Hot sex but didn’t feel connected to the characters.

That said, we don’t really get to know Jessica or Master Z – Zach – in depth, but we do get a good sense of their characters, and come to like them, from their interactions. Even more surprising is the fact that she finds something darkly sensual about it.


02 – Club Shadowlands By Cherise Sinclair CinemAbysmal podcast

All of my friends tell me it’s going to get better with each new book, so I’m sticking to it: Roller blades are cool brah! The couple never went in unprotected and god, what a relief that was. H This was like being Alice in a very twisted Wonderland It’s my book therapy. View all 7 comments. There was definitely something there, but I felt that it was a bit rushed near the end.

Player FM might just be it. I must say I enjoyed it and pretty much read it in one day. Or rolled my eyes. He was an awesome Dom and super sexy when he took control. He does the same thing the next time she comes to the club. I did love the chemistry, respect, and understanding that developed between Master Dan and Kari.

She also would bite her tongue and took what ever punishments Dan gave her in a erotic good way. Heather This book is free on Amazon to download. Its apparent that she doesn’t know what’s happening, and that she doesn’t want it to continue.

Everybody is awesome, what are the chances! After two nights together, they seem to have fallen for each other, which was way too fast for me.

It was also quite funny at times and the ending was sweet but definitely not a perfectly tied up giggity HEA. There are a bunch of glimpses into different situations going on whipping, caning, spanking and I liked how Zachary and Jessica’s relationship developed into more.

I am definitely addicted to this series and I am planning on reading every single installment that comes out.

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During this episode sicnlair talk about how HOT the sex is, the wide array of topics covered in it and Yo gets easily distracted when remembering a vivid gay porn she watched many moons ago.

I did not get it. Everyone does the time warp and she’s introduced to the world of kink.

It’s a beautiful contradiction, something that it’s slnclair buried deep in my soul. I can cheriee with that statement and I wished that the resolution could have been longer and a little more in depth. Here is what I could remember: Who’s your Favorite ‘Master’. Before she’s done much more than look, she breaks a rule and because she’s signed a member ag Sort of the standard BDSM thing of an accidental introduction to the lifestyle.

Overall, this was a great book and if you liked the first one you should love this one. Not what you don’t.

Club Shadowlands

He is smart, sexy, rich, with some kind of mambo jumbo thrown in for good measure that helps him understand people perfectly AND he is a children psychologist in his day job. She shows after care and I loved that most cpub the books. I look forward to reading the next books, because I hear it only gets better.