Classpad plus, User’s guide, Classpad os version • Read online or download PDF • Casio ClassPad PLUS User Manual. View and Download Casio ClassPad PLUS user manual online. ClassPad OS Version ClassPad PLUS Calculator pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Casio ClassPad PLUS. We have 2 Casio ClassPad PLUS manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual.

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Presentation Dialog Box Configuring Parameter Variables and Inputting Their Values If you input the names of variables used in a program into the parameter variable box when inputting or editing a program on the Program Editor window, you will be able to input values for the variables on the Program Loader window when you run the program. Remain at the current cell Move to the next row below the current cell Move to the next column to the right of the current cell 3 After the setting is the way you want, tap [OK].

Returns the sample variance of the values contained in the range of specified cells. Page u u u u u LU Function: Reset the ClassPad unit which deletes all variable and program data in main memory and all eActivity data in the storage area Initialize the ClassPad unit which returns all flash ROM data to its factory default state.

Assigns a name to a Pict image and stores it. Invalid Code — Invalid Data Type The calculation you are trying to perform has an invalid data type as an argument.

When there are two lists, this command returns a polynomial that maps each element in the first list to its corresponding element in the second list, and returns the sum of the polynomial.


This command calculates the probability density of normal distribution from a specified value. Note that line segment AB is the directrix and point C is the focus of the parabola.

This command calculates the cumulative probability in a normal distribution based on lower manuwl upper limits. To drag a calculation expression from the Spreadsheet edit box to the eActivity window u ClassPad Operation Tap [Setup] and then choose [Open Setup Menu] from the pull-down menu. Using the Sequence Application The Sequence application provides you with the tools you need to work with explicit sequences and recursive type sequences.

Program Command Reference Pause Syntax: Tap [OK] to start updating of the operatingsystem. This command tests hypotheses concerning the ratio of the population variance of two populations.

Drawing a exponential regression graph | Casio ClassPad PLUS User Manual | Page /

Other Graph Window Operations Statistical System Variables Statistical System Variables Statistical System Variables Performing a statistical calculation, graphing operation, or other operation causes calculation results to be assigned to pre-arranged system variables.

Performing one llus these operations displays a Files dialog box like the ones shown below.

Page Using Verify 3 Input 50 and tap w. Transforms a complex number into its polar form.

Casio ClassPad PLUS Manuals

It examines the effect of each variable independently as well as their interaction with each other based on a dependent variable. Using The Sequence Editor Window An eActivity that contains only calculation rows looks very much like the Main application window. Statistics Application Overview Sorts a statistical list in ascending order.

Eactivity Key Operations Starting Up The Presentation Application Lpus Presentation Pages Deleting a folder also deletes all files inside of it.

Not a Numerical Value Result. Open an existing list page Close the currently selected list page Jump to line 1 of the current list page Jump to the line after the last line of the current list page Generates a list in accordance with a numeric sequence expression.

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Chapter 4 Using The Conics Application Using the Conics Application The Conics application provides you with the capability to graph circular, parabolic, elliptic, and hyperbolic functions. PxlChg 5,1 PxlOff Syntax: The specified statements are repeated as long as the condition is true.

ClassPad Series Manual

Scrolling The Graph Window manal Inputting An Equation Manually Inputting an Equation Manually To input an equation manually, make the Conics Editor window active, and then use the soft keyboard for input. Inputting Matrix Data Creating And Saving A Program Tell us what’s missing.

Page 54 u To delete an unneeded key operation Use dand e to move the pous to the location immediately to the right of the key operation you want to delete, and then press K. An ellipse appears in the Geometry window. The initial default argument for this command is 0. Returns the manuual product of two vectors. The following shows the results for our example.

There you will find the URL for a Website where you can register as an official user. To move the right side elements of Menu Item: This means you can have up to functions stored in the 3D Graph Editor clzsspad one time. You can use this command to execute only a specific part of an expression and display its result. Locking A Variable Or Folder Numeric Solver Menus And Buttons Pausing And Terminating An Operation