You agree to abide by all applicable anti-corruption laws, including laws prohibiting illegal payments to people for a corrupt purpose in relation to these. Clase 5 bocio endemico download as powerpoint presentation. Prevalence and geographical distribution of endemic goitre. Saude publica avaliacao do bocio. May-Jul;23()– [PubMed]; STACPOOLE HH. La profilaxis del bocio endemico en Mexico. Bol Oficina Sanit Panam. Mar;36(3)–

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All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Iodine nutrition in elementary state schools of Queretaro, Mexico: Goiter was evaluated by manual exam and ultrasound. endemjco

La profilaxis del bocio endemico en Mexico. Children were sampled from schools and pregnant women from rural reference hospitals.

The range of subjects sampled from each school was 23 to 36 children, and all data were collected from May to July Figure 1A shows a typical endwmico distribution of individual UIC values obtained from spot urine samples.

Moreover, there is coexistence between the two extremes of iodine intake insufficient and excessive. Cuarto censo nacional de talla Yoduria en escolares y embarazadas del estado Trujillo, Venezuela Iodine metabolism and physiological aspects of endemic goitre. The authors are also grateful to the undergraduate iodine study group, Claudia Alarcon and Valeria Perez, for their technical support. However, in 7 cases, the number eb children that took part in the day of data collection was less than 30, and in some cases, age range was between 5 to 16 years old.

Stunting, wasting, and micronutrient deficiency disorders. As stated above, we found that the presence of insufficiently iodized table salt is higher in localities with elevated SGI and undernutrition. There are no recent national surveys about iodine content in table salt in households of Mexico, and the consumption pattern of iodized salt is poorly understood.


Endemic goiter in Latin America

Endemic goiter in these municipalities, and in Pinal de Amoles and San Joaquin is associated with geographical characteristics.

Bull World Health Organ. Bocioo study in a purposive sample in three regions, one with known high emxico of goiter Huejutlaone with unknown prevalence Ixmiquilpan and one with no expected deficiency Pachuca. The best models obtained during the exploration analysis are reported Model 1 and Model 2. Body mass index BMI was estimated for each subject.

bocio endemico en mexico pdf

Support Center Support Center. Een Engl J Med. This apparent discrepancy could be related to the improvement, in recent decades, of the public infrastructure, including road construction and commercial trading, which increases the availability of processed food in remote areas.

SGI is not a poverty measurement because it does not consider income, social security, and food access. El bocio endemico en la America Latina. To our knowledge, the observed positive correlation between UIC and overweight and obesity has not been described boccio, and could be explained by the availability and consumption of snack food rich in energy and iodized salt. Therefore, we assume that snack foods are mexio rich, too.

Endemic goiter in Costa Rican school children. Assessment of iodine deficiency disorders and monitoring their elimination: Bovio the other hand, excessive iodine intake has been related with increase in cumulative subclinical hypothyroidism and autoimmune thyroiditis Endejico highest prevalence of stunting was found in Pinal de Amoles Goiter prevalence in children between 6 and 14 years old was 8 in Pachuca, 9 in Ixmiquilpan, and 14 in Huejutla.

The geography and altitude have been traditionally described as important factors regarding iodine availability in soil. On the other hand, because UIC values obtained from spot urine samples are not useful to estimate individual iodine intake, we used UIC median values from each school to perform a nedemico analysis instead of individual analysis. All participants voluntarily took part in the study and written consent was obtained from at least one parent or guardian.


Full text Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Endemic goiter in Venezuela studied with I As mentioned, we identified table salt samples without iodine. We hypothesized that this association could be explained by the dramatic changes in dietary patterns in the Mexican population 8,29,32, Estrategia contra el sobrepeso hocio la obesidad. Anthropometric measurements and global nutrition status indicators.

Table 4 shows detailed UIC results for each municipality, including the frequencies of UIC median values obtained in the 50 survey sites.

Anthropometric measurements and global nutrition status indicators The weight and height of the children were determined by standard anthropometric procedures UIC determinations were performed by the Sandell-Kolthoff method after sample digestion with ammonium persulfate, according to Pino and cols.

Iodine status was found as deficient, adequate, more than adequate and enddmico in 2, 4, 19 and 25 schools, respectively. To our knowledge, it is the first time that excessive iodine intake was associated with unhealthy weight.

Endemic goiter in Latin America

Twenty-four percent of families obtained water from wells contaminated with arsenicum and mercury in Pachuca and Ixmiquilpan, and with colibacilli in Ixmiquilpan. Get a printable copy PDF file of the complete article 1.

Because of this, we consider that the generation of a national program for monitoring mesico iodine excretion to reach and keep adequate iodine nutrition by means of an USI program is a priority. Thyroid function derangement and childhood obesity: