This page explains how to deploy the BIRT viewer to a Java EE container. If you’ve changed anything, then copy the following URL into your browser and. If the problem is just get the right URL, this would be something like: The “run” method is one of the methods mapped in the BIRT Viewer Servlet. There are two . Also, use the features of the BIRT report viewer application in custom web applications. Settings for how to deal with the url report path.

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One part of the application was to generate reports that are based on the data that is submitted in the backend. For example Valid values are yes or no. Post as a guest Name. Apart from rendering the report, the client also needed to export the report in different formats, such as PDF or Excel.

Locale for the application server. The Example Web Viewer has the following directory structure. Specifies the default location to store temporary images generated by the report engine.

The example viewer has a distinction between report parameters and viewer configuration parameters. Report Document must already exist. This file contains various viewet used by the viewer. This attribute must be unique. These instructions assume you’ll install Tomcat on your own machine using the default port number of This tag library can be deployed by either deploying the viewer as normal or by using the BIRT Web Deployment project wizard. When using the Viewer tag with the frameset pattern, this setting determines if the navigation bar is displayed.


Note this only works with the run pattern and a reportDocument setting. You can set format in anywhere of your URL Note that this will override the default locale. This attribute is used to create a form and is required if using the isCustom attribute.

You might use it with vuewer custom web application in the following ways:. If isHostPage is true these values are ignored.

Viewer Usage

Sets the value for the report parameter. Valid values are auto, yes, and no. The file is named birt-runtime. In addition, if you desire to have BIRT deployed in one context and include the tag library ciewer a separate context this can be done by copying the birt. Specifies the report parameter page name. Viewer Usage Section Contents. If the tags are used in the same context as the BIRT viewer this attribute is not required. Stop, then restart Tomcat.

This mapping also generates an intermediate report document from the report design file to support the AJAX based features. Subscribe me to comment notifications.

For example, adding a table of contents and specifying the TOC entry will load the page containing that entry. Note that a report document will not be created, but if the reportDocument exist it will be rendered. Click on the following link to download the example report design, SalesInvoice.

Integrate the BIRT Viewer with Java and Java EE web applications

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Starting with the release of BIRT 3. Specifies whether to overwrite the report document every time a report is executed. See Viewer Usage for information on the Viewer Operations. If you’ve changed anything, then copy vidwer following URL into your browser and make the needed changes.


If you’ve installed everything in its default location, then click on the following link.

Viewer Setup Section Contents. See the BIRT 3.

Customizing the BIRT report viewer

Display the Tomcat manager application to check that the viewer is deployed: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The document is created when the report engine separates run and render tasks, and is used to support features like table of contents and pagination.

The output from the run and render operation is sent directly to the browser. If set to OFF the toolbar icon used for server side printing will be removed automatically. Note that Classic Models database is included in the birt runtime distribution so no further set-up is required. The file is named birt-runtime-version. The first solution in Considering possible solutions required the creation and maintenance of multiple applications:.

For ease of reference, rename the directory to “birt-viewer”. Indicates that the report master page should be used or not. Copy the Web Viewer Example directory to the webapps directory of your Tomcat installation.

Sign up using Email and Password. See Tomcat documentation for details. The reportContainer attribute must be set to iframe if this attribute is used.