Buy The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches (Classics) New Impression by Matsuo Basho, Nobuyuki Yuasa (ISBN: ). The Narrow Road to the Deep North (奥の細道 Oku no Hosomichi) is the title of famed haiku poet Matsuo Basho’s most famous work, a poem-filled travelogue. The Narrow Road to the Deep North, travel account written by Japanese haiku master Bashō as Oku no hosomichi (“The Narrow Road to Oku”), published in.

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I was a bit surprised to hear of her visit here and left in doubt as to its historical truth, but I sat in a spacious room of the temple to command the entire view of the lagoon. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

The ending point is Ogakiwhich is 30 minutes by rail from Nagoyaa Tokaido Shinkansen stop. My only mundane concerns were whether I would be able to find a suitable place to sleep at night and whether the straw sandals were the right size for my feet. Station 9 – Sesshoseki. Complexity, richness, and life in its passions and contradictions I first became aware of this from some puttering around on the internet, and from an article years ago in the Scottish publication Rebel Magazine, which wrote a brief, admiring account of Basho’s life and work.

I thought it was nothing short of a miracle that the priest Dogen had chosen such a secluded place for the site of the temple. Lots of shrines, temples, historic markers along the way. In my own country a horse with some money would be straight down to the fair, frolicking with the fillies or casting a glad eye at the stallions depending on its inclinations. I first became aware of this from some puttering around on the internet, and from an article years ago in the Scottish publication Rebel Magazine, which wrote a brief, admiring account of Basho’s life and work.


There are a great number of the ancients, too, who died on the road. I don’t understand the complexities of shogunate politics.

Perhaps there is a particular significance to some of the places he visits, his choice of words or his meetings with people, but I leave any commentary to those who know about such things.

When I reached it, the late afternoon sun was still lingering over the scene.

I had to tell him that I had not been able to make as many poems as I wanted, partly because I nadrow been absorbed in the wonders of the surrounding countryside and the recollections of ancient poets. Refresh and try again. Review by Carl Wilkinson. I went to see the willow tree which Saigyo celebrated in his poem when he wrote, “Spreading its shade rad a crystal stream.

Absolutely beautiful, vivid, simple, elegant and still.

Matsuo Basho’s Narrow Road to the Deep North, Terebess Asia Online (TAO)

This was the place where the priest Ungo had once retired, and the rock on which he used to sit for meditation was still there. As I said good-bye to him, I wrote: One of the most famous travelogues ever, the Narrow Road continues to inspire Japanese art and visitors to Tohokuand each of the places Basho visited continues to revere his poems and observations.

Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators. Hence its nickname, See-from-behind.

A long time ago I read a book review in the newspaper. As I looked up at the clouds gathering around the mountains of the Hokuriku road, the thought of the great distance awaiting me almost overwhelmed my heart. To talk casually About an iris flower Is one of the pleasures Of the wandering journey. According to the date given at the end of the inscription, this monument was erected during the reign of Emperor Shomuand had stood here ever since, winning the increasing admiration of poets through the years.

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I sat down on my hat and wept bitterly till I almost forgot time. I was riding on a horse my friend had lent me, when the farmer who led the horse asked me to compose a poem for him. When I returned to my lodging, my host, Egaku, asked me to put down in verse some impressions of my pilgrimage to the three mountains, so I wrote as follows on the narrow strips of writing paper he had given me.

Now at last he made up his mind to go home, having composed a number of beautiful poems on the views we had enjoyed together. The sky was clear and the moon was unusually bright.

Narrow Road to the Deep North

He must have chosen this particular spot for his smithy probably because he knew of a certain mysterious power latent in the water, just baaho indeed a similar power is known to have existed in the water of Ryosen Spring in China.

One day he took me to various places of interest tue I might have missed but for his assistance. The guardian spirits of the road beckoned, and I could not settle down to work. I also learnt that Japanese horses are trustworthy.