Add a custom printed-on look to all your mail in minutes. The labels virtually disappear on colored and textured surfaces, making them great for special events. Download free Avery templates for address labels and shipping labels for mailing . Use Avery Design & Print Online software for pre-designed templates. template+for+avery+ Avery® Laser Easy Peel Address Labels, Clear, /Box (). 10/Pack. Get it tomorrow, Thu Dec 27

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Expand your Office skills. Under Printer typeselect the type of printer you are using.

It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents. Was this information helpful?

Avery Address Labels Template |

Thank you for your feedback! After you have Word configured to use your Avery product, you have a few options:.

Get new features first. Print the same address, or other information, on all of the labels on a sheet, as described in Create return address labels in Word for Mac.

Use Avery templates in Word for Mac

In the Product number list, select the number that matches the product number of your Avery product. When you click OK in LabelsWord creates tejplate new document with the information from Delivery Address laid out for printing to the type of labels that you selected.


After you have selected your Avery product in Aveyr, or templzte a labels document to match the labels that you have, you can prepare Word with the text that you want to print to those labels in a variety of ways. Merge information, such as names and addresses, in an Excel spreadsheet with a document to print that information to labels, as described in Create mailing labels in Word by using mail merge.

Avery Wizard to be retired – Word

All you need is the product number. In Label Optionscheck the measurements shown under Label information to help with selecting the label size that best matches your product.

Use the information in the contacts list on your Mac to fill out and print labels, as described in Mail merge in Word for Mac. For more ways to prepare to print labels, see Using your Avery product with Wordlater in this topic.

Avery Address Labels Template 15660

In this topic, Using your Avery product with Word links to instructions for printing a sheet of the same label, a sheet of different labels that you’ve typed, or merging contact information with a labels document to automatically print labels for those contacts.


Print different addresses, or other information, on the labels by typing each of them, as described in Create and print labels in Word for Mac. templzte

If you use Avery paper products, such as labels, business cards, dividers, name badges and more, you can use the Avery templates in Word. If you want the same address or information on all labels in the sheet, type it in the Delivery Address box, and click OK. When you click OK in LabelsWord creates a new document with the information from Delivery Address laid out for printing to the type of labels that you configured.

Word displays New Custom laser or New Custom dot matrixdepending on the type of printer specified in Label Options. In the Label products list, select one of the Avery options.

How can we improve it? After you have the correct measurements, click OK twice to return to Labels.