Full colour printed textbook of Automated Ultrasonic Testing for Pipeline Girth Welds for NDT cover. : 3This. The use of ultrasonics to test pipeline girth welds during pipeline today, the use of automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) of girth welds is becoming increasingly. This page book provides an overview of the principles of automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) of girth welds, and explains the many parameters that influence.

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About half the AUT companies missed the external slot in the J-prep.

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This is illustrated in the table below. During the weld inspection, the system simultaneously acquires data with the three setups.

This degree of rigor was warranted since the RT results were to ;ipeline used as the baseline to evaluate the reliability of the AUT results. Transverse cracking was also included in the specification. For example, with the same specification the repair rates using AUT or RT were shown to be comparable. These radiographs were analysed by four independent, qualified interpreters. Transverse defects are not detected reliably.

Breakdown of missed defects.

If an engineering critical assessment ECA specification were to be used, however, the repair rate was shown to drop substantially, with the potential for significant cost savings.

Real defects are rarely of the simple parabolic shape assumed by the ECA.

Automated Ultrasonic inspection of Girth Welds in Seamless Pipes with the Olympus PipeWIZARD

This paper describes also latest improvements made on AUT during the last years in order to optimize inspection philosophy and minimize the system’s “Uncertainties”. They were asked if they could distinguish the two areas of copper-related defect and invited to say what, in the signals, made them think it might be due to copper. We cannot accept claims of short or lost shipments after 10 days from shipment date for domestic customers or after 20 days from shipment date for international customers.


TRIALS The two pipe spools were located with good access and good facilities in terms of comfort — a dry working environment with light, power and water.

Figure 4 indicates that a Lack of Side Wall Fusion of even 0. Specially designed for in-site weld-to-weld inspection in extreme environments, on-shore and off-shore. Size measurement Two size measures of a defect are significant — the length along the line of the weld and the length through the thickness of the wall i.

Automated Ultrasonic Testing for Pipeline Girth Welds

A standard briefing was given to each company. In work was conducted by British Gas to assess five ultrasonic scanner systems to replace x-rays but they were all found to have deficiencies, especially in discriminating different defect types.

Ippeline inspecting these pipes using AUT, the operator must program three different setups and scan three calibration blocks to cover nominal, minimum, and maximum thicknesses.

An on-the-job test of operator competence has been proposed for Transco operations, much as is done for welders. Mechanized or Automated Ultrasonic Testing of pipeline girth welds is now in common use in the on – and offshore industry.

The purchaser is responsible for advising ASNT of any customs regulations pertaining to testiny order and for supplying all proper customs declaration forms with the order. It was carried out by Advantica Technologies on behalf of Transco. The LoF defect on the left fusion face, at 5 mm from the outer surface, was found by all but one AUT system. Only the first measure is available from radiography but both can be estimated from the ultrasonic data.

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Generally, only one of the two areas was pipeoine out, but three companies picked out neither area. Only one block is used ultrasonjc perform the calibration. Weld profile Companies who offer mechanised welding services use various types of welding preparations for the profile of the ends of the pipe.

Each of the internal slots was eventually detected across the board one company did so only on a second attempt.

After being welded, the welds were inspected using panoramic X-radiography. This book provides an overview of the principles involved in automated ultrasonic testings of girth welds as well as presents some of the origins and many parameters that influence the results of these inspections. The defects in this Advantica study have been analysed in a similar way and have led to a similar conclusion.

Details of this will be included in a future publication. Information related to the author. The objective was to establish the effectiveness of AUT as an adequate alternative to radiography for pipeline construction when using mechanised welding.

Journal of the Japanese Welding Society. The evolution of the equipment has thus led to a complex set of data requiring analysis. This paper discusses the RTD Rotoscan system, which is the first worldwide AUT inspection system gidth new construction pipeline girth welds.