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Fischer-Tropsch derived paraffin wax comprises more than 85 wt. Fraction H is subjected to a vacuum distillation. Although the approach disclosed herein can be applied to a variety of sample test methods, the present description will primarily be directed to apparatus and methods for determining the congealing point of a wax-containing sample, such as a petroleum wax-containing sample. Further, the heavy second wax of step d is separated, thereby obtaining at least one distillate wax fraction having a congealing point in the range of from.

In some embodiments, the apparatus further includes a power switch for providing the source of power to be supplied to the motor.

As those skilled in the art recognize, Erlenmeyer flask 18 has a wide base 20with sides 22 that taper upward to a asym vertical neck The Fischer-Tropsch derived paraffin wax comprises paraffins, primarily n-paraffins. Congealing point is a wax property that is of interest to many petroleum wax consumers.

This standard is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. This improvement is especially important for low-congealing point wax samples. The apparatus of clause 1, further comprising a housing for mounting the motor within. In some embodiments, the apparatus also includes a power switch for permitting a source of power to be supplied to the motor.

In a further aspect, the present invention provides a process to prepare a Fischer-Tropsch derived paraffin wax, the process at least comprising the following steps: In some embodiments, the apparatus also includes a housing for mounting the motor within.


Multiple side draws during distillation in the production of base oil blends from waxy feeds. We have no amendments or corrections for this standard. The apparatus of claim 3wherein the source of power is alternating current. The method of claim 11wherein the motor rotates the clamp at a speed of less than 50 RPM.

Due to the high melting points of the waxes, C 20 and higher carbon numbers are fractionated into blends. Multiple stage ebullating bed hydrocracking with interstage stripping and separating. Fischer-Tropsch product stream is more stable with respect to adtm degradation in subsequent distillation steps. After making this adjustment, remove the thermometer and stopper from the flask, being careful not to change the position of the stopper relative to the thermometer stem. In some embodiments, the mouth 26 of the Erlenmeyer flask 18 may be provided with a beaded lip 28 that can be closed using a rubber stopper 30or similar.

Typical short path distillations are for aatm described in Chapter 9.

WOA1 – Process to prepare a paraffin wax – Google Patents

In some embodiments, apparatus 10 includes a housing 40 for mounting the motor 12 and associated hardware within. The apparatus of claim 1wherein the motor is structured and arranged to rotate the clamp at a speed of less than 50 RPM.

It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. In a Fischer- Tropsch process synthesis gas is converted to a synthesis product.

WO2016107860A1 – Process to prepare a paraffin wax – Google Patents

Need more than one copy? Hydrogenation catalyst and use thereof for hdrogenating fischer-tropsch endproducts. The relation between hydrogenation of the Fischer- Tropsch derived feed and the Saybolt colour of Fischer. In some embodiments, the battery is mounted within the housing Fractions 40 is fed to a hydrofinishing reactor 5 wherein fractions 40 is converted to. Preferably, the Fischer-Tropsch derived paraffin wax comprises more than 85 wt. Make a repeat determination on the wax specimen.


These entities may refer to elements, actions, structures, steps, operations, values, and the like. For the purpose of this description, a single reference number will be assigned to a line as well as a stream carried in that line.

– Products – Scharlab,S.L. The Lab Sourcing Group

Typical hydrogenation conditions for hydrogenation of the above fractions are described in e. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts.

Preferably at least the third light wax i. Moreover, an object of the present invention d38 to provide an efficient method for preparing refined paraffin wax product in a high yield. The preparation of a Fischer-Tropsch product has been described in e. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time.

Samples were first tested as per ASTM D manually, followed by testing aatm the semi-automatic apparatus. The apparatus of clause 1 or 2, further comprising a power switch for permitting a source of power to be supplied to the motor.

For this objective waxes are molten for measurement. It d9938 a further object of the present invention to provide a paraffin wax which can be advantageously used in. Power by seonoco All Rights Reserved: EP EPA1 en In a Fischer-Tropsch process reactor a Fischer- Tropsch product stream is obtained not shown.