ASTM D Testing Fixture. This test method covers the determination of the relative peel resistance of adhesive bonds between one rigid adherend and one . Standard Method for Peel Resistance of Adhesives – Floating Roller (alternative test method to ASTM D). ASTM D(). Standard Test Method for Floating Roller Peel Resistance of Adhesives. standard by ASTM International, 11/01/ View all product.

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ASTM D does not specify how many specimens to test, but generally it is a good idea asmt test several identical specimens for all peel tests. The peel angle is greater than 90 degrees.

To get our newsletter please enter your email address in the box below and press ‘Subscribe’ button. This jig is used to test the peel strength of laminated samples where the backing sheet is rigid and the facing sheet is flexible. In ASTM D, the flexible adherend is bent around a rolling drum rather than its own sharp bending radius.

Peel Tests ASTM D D D

ASTM D is a standard test procedure used to measure the average peel strength or force of an adhesive and bonding agent by using a floating roller peel fixture. Click Here for Larger Image.

ASTM D is therefore often used in product development and manufacturing procedures. Website Design by Akira Studio Ltd.

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Peel fixture with roller ball bearings for testing the adhesive strength of a substrate to a material per ASTM D ASTM D is uniquely useful when the flexible adherend is not flexible enough for an accurate standard 90 degree or degree peel test. Product Description Maximum Load 5 kN. Centor Xstm Star R,advanced force gauge – external load cell 3. Call one of our engineers today for help configuring the best test procedure and equipment for ASTM D Sample Size Max width 30mm, thickness mm.

This test is a more gradual bend than a normal 90 or degree peel test, and therefore it facilitates smooth peel testing of a stiffer flexible adherend. This fixture also complies aatm BS EN This test can be used to compare adhesives or to compare adhesive surface preparation procedures. Limited time special offer on our cap torque tester Anditork Easy read more RPF Get a quote. The Gk is a great option for the bottom grip in the Peel Tester.

If you would d1367 see the data in real-time and study the peel interface at the same time, we would provide you with our XyLive Software. The P consists of a vertical load frame, an electromechanical actuator, load cell, a tocuhpad test controller, R3167 test software and peel grips.

The extra 2 inches is used for winding the flexible adherend around the bending drum of the D Floating Roller Peel Fixture.

ASTM D Roller Drum Peel Test Fixture | GD

We also recommend that you purchase the ASTM D standard f3167 follow it closely to achieve the best results. Rated to 1 kN lbf Maximum specimen thicknesses from 10 mm to 50 mm 0. We are confident that we have what you are looking for.

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Your shopping cart is empty! Centor Easy R, digital force gauge with external sensor Simple design can be used for a multitude of tensile applications Inexpensive and reliable.

Description This jig is used to test the peel strength of laminated samples where the backing sheet is rigid and the facing sheet is flexible.

A 10 lb load cell can be calibrated to measure 0. Asgm D is a unique standard in that the flexible adherend is bent around a floating drum fixture that is 1 inch in diameter.

It is an alternative to the climbing drum jig ST59 for testing laminates. GK Mechanical Vice Grip.


Another machine option would be the Q, which can be used if you have a preference for a single column machine instead of an actuator based one. As the test proceeds the flexible layer peels off the backing sheet which moves across the asmt to the right.

For sample to 1 inch wide.