CHAPTER 3 Lee and Marlene Canter’s Assertive Discipline. – About Lee and Marlene Canter. Lee Canter. Lee Canter is founder of Canter & Associates. Assertive Discipline: Positive Behavior Management for Today’s Classroom ( Building Relationships with Difficult Students) [Lee Canter] on Lee Canter’s Assertive Discipline: Teacher’s Plan Book Plus #2 (Lee Canter’s Assertive Discipline Workbooks) [Lee Canter] on *FREE* shipping .

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A hostile teacher address students in an abusive way. Punishment will make students avoid breaking rules and positive reinforcement will encourage good behavior.

Assertive discipline provides strategies for gaining this support. Cater Read Edit View history.

Assertive Discipline

Attach a message explaining the program and requesting their help. How many times do I have to warn you? This can be done after the first, second, or third request. He often loses his temper. He has established an organization in California called Canter and Associates, through which he provides training for teachers assertice want to become more assertive in their teaching.

This instruction involves more bby just giving commands. This is a disguised way of repeating your rules so that all students know what to do This procedure appears to be a restatement of Jacob Kounin’s “ripple effect” strategy.

If it receives a positive review, say “Thank you”, and mention that the step that follows the last one on your list is a visit to “the office”. Based on their investigation and the foundations of assertiveness training and applied behavior analysis, they developed a common sense, easy-to-learn approach to help teachers become the captains of their classrooms and positively influence their students’ behavior.


Maintain this eye contact for a few seconds. However, they have their own needs, wants, and feelings just as their students. Teachers should use the exact words, same tone, same volume each time the request is delivered. Decide which rules you wish to implement in your classroom. Do you use eye contact, gestures, and the student’s name?

Others might receive notes of praise to be shown to their parents. The Canters recommend that you NOT continue punishing if talking les the youngster will help to defuse the situation. Give the student a choice between following the command diwcipline facing a consequence for disobedience.

Follow steps 2, 3, and 4 under the section entitled How to Use Assertive Discipline. What he wants is the students to actually stop talking. He backs up his words with actions when necessary. If this group doesn’t want to listen, its your problem, not mine. Return to the Intervention Strategies Index.

Canter believes that teachers have traditionally ignore their own needs in the classroom. Canters advocate that teachers must learn to assert themselves.

Assertive Discipline | Child Discipline in the Classroom

This quick action will encourage the students to display the desired behavior more often. You see Tyler put the stuffed clown doll in his desk rather than returning it to the toy box.

Practice giving positive reinforcement and consequences in different ways by engaging in the tasks below with a partner. Do you use a firm, calm, confident lse Students are off task while the teacher quietly sits at her desk and corrects assignments. Students write their names on the cut up pieces of paper and drop them into a container for a daily prize drawing.


ciscipline More than being a director, assertive teachers build positive, trusting relationships with their students and teach appropriate classroom behavior via direct instruction It involves a high level of teacher control in the class. Archived copy as title.

Assertive discipline

You finally handed in an assignment that doesn’t look like chicken scratchings. It is also called the “take-control” approach to teaching, as the teacher controls their classroom in a firm but positive manner. Use an assertive, confident voice. The Cantors, rightfully so, attributed this finding to a lack of training in the area of behavior management. Be aware that some students may need to be reinforced quietly or non-verbally to prevent embarrassment in front of peers.

This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat Get away from that window and sit in your seat. They atttempt to get their own needs met and still take into account the capabilities asssertive their students. They also need to show students that they care too much about them to allow their inappropriate behavior to go unnoticed.