ALESIS. MidiVerb 3. Reference Manual SECTION 1. MIDIVERB III QUICK START. The Alesis MIDIVERB III is a high quality multi-effects unit which. Find great deals for Alesis Midiverb III 16 Bit Simultaneous Multi Effects Processor. Shop with confidence on eBay!. REVERBS. Chorus-Reverb-Delay-EQ. Small Bright Room 1. Small Bright Room 2. Small Warm Room. Small Warm Chamber.

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Music Technology – Mar A very good reverb, which fits in every home-studios. Previous Article in this issue Passport Designs’ Encore.

Alesis Midiverb III 16 Bit Simultaneous Multi Effects Processor

In a number of configurations, the Delay section is used to provide a pre-delay for the reverb to simulate the effect of very large rooms, whilst in others it is used as a conventional digital delay. Actually, this is tied in with the fact that Alesis used to fit miniature 3.

MIDI mapping is less complicated than it sounds and is simply a means of setting zlesis the unit so that program change numbers sent via Midigerb may be directed to any of the Midiverb’s programs.

To be fair, I really think you need to look at the delay section as being included primarily to provide pre-delay for the reverb programs rather than as a fully-fledged effects section in its own right.

User reviews: Alesis MidiVerb III – Audiofanzine

There are 15 configurations in all, consisting of various effects combinations – though in all cases, the input filter of the EQ apesis comes first in the chain.

In all other configurations a delay time of ms is the most you have to work with.


As with all Alesis units, the Midiverb III uses an external adaptor, which, it should be noted, provides an AC output as opposed to the DC supplied by almost every other make of equipment – so you can’t interchange adaptors. And this being the case, actually having a half-second delay at your disposal in any form can only be regarded as a bonus.

The Midiverb III keeps you on the right side of that line and for alesus reason alone I’d recommend it wholeheartedly.

Control over delay consists of two straightforward parameters for adjusting Delay Time and Regeneration feedback – which, when you think about it, is really all you need. Incidentally, all mapping functions are global and cannot be stored with individual programs.

The six parameters available for control are reverb decay time, reverb level, delay time, delay level, delay regeneration feedback and chorus speed – giving a total of 48 routing options together with control of modulation amplitude by either a positive or negative amount. Previous article in this issue: Request a new review.

Not satisfied with those reviews?

And despite its inherent limitations the delay section acquits itself too – even below the ms mark, you can coax enough slapback echo and ADT effects out of it to make it earn its keep.

Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines. A total of 24 algorithms are available, divided equally between chorus and flanging effects.

All user reviews for the Alesis MidiVerb III

Beyond that, however, I can think of little to criticise. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.

If you’re enjoying the site, please consider supporting me to help build this archive On a more positive note, the manual contains individual block diagrams for each of the 15 configurations, and lists the various effects possibilities available from each.


Digital Reverb by Nigel Lord. The first of the two reverb parameters, Reverb Algorithm, offers you a choice of 20 different reverb types from a list which includes halls, chambers, rooms, plates, reverse and gated effects.

These two groups are then sub-divided to each provide six mono and six stereo effects, varying in intensity – from small to big depth, as the manual so quaintly puts it. I’d have thought they might be tempted to move away from the kind of name which suggests these are simply reverb units.

More on this later.

Alesis Midiverb III (MT Mar 90)

Of course, in practice, being restricted to mono delays means little more than not being able to set uii those intensely irritating ping-pong’ effects which seem to crop up on most units these days if you think you’ve just unearthed an underlying prejudice of mine, you’d be right.

And don’t forget, the judicious application of a little high frequency roll-off courtesy of the EQ section can provide extra interest in terms of sound colouration should it be required. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

It really helps – thank you! This is achieved simply by pressing Program and inputting kii value directly using the ten buttons sub-labelled