KUMIS QUINUA. kumis quinua LACTEOSBOL. By ceyla90 | Updated: Nov. 5, , p.m.. Loading Slideshow Movie. Modo de elaboración. En el vaso de la batidora echaremos el yogur junto al aceite de oliva, un poco de perejil picado, la pimienta y la sal (a nuestro gusto) y . Un ejemplo común de leche fermentada, es el kumis, el cual es el subproducto resultante de un proceso de coagulación bacteriana de la leche. ¿Que es una.

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Recognize that the El Cairo farm is a fundamental component of the strengthening of the teaching and research processes that are developed at the branch. One of the critical aspects identified in the diagnostic stage was the uncertainty of the personnel that works on the farm in terms of the directives and functions that each must perform due to the fact that the labor is assigned in an improvised manner and there is a lack of training.

In order to organize the information, the audio of each interview was elaboeacion and digitized for later analysis.

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Proposed organizational structure One of the critical aspects identified in the diagnostic stage was the uncertainty of the personnel that works elabodacion the farm in terms of the directives and functions that each must perform due to the fact that the labor is assigned in an improvised manner and kkmis is a lack of training. Currently, the organizational and management model of the El Cairo farm is not suitable from the point of view of the mission objectives of research and teaching.

The development of the research was carried out in two stages: With the information elabroacion by the farm directors, five products were identified that, in the long-term, have been commercialized on a regular basis, generating revenue that has proven to be advantageous for the low-scale producers of the region; these products are: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota. How to cite this article.

SOPOE Asociación de Empresarios del Municipio de Sopó

Quantity of training hours indicator. Literature cited Ansoff, H. A non-experimental methodological design was used, from which a situational analysis of the farm was generated, which was used as a basis to formulate and design a Strategic Management plan for a five-year period. These three systems are passion fruit, papaya, and cucumbers. In order to achieve the mission objectives, it is necessary to create a new organizational structure that is more flexible to changes and, in which, the articulation of the farm with the branch is guaranteed: This indicator will allow for the evaluation of production growth on the farm, measuring the quantity of products that are generated in each of the productive systems, focusing on those that have been indicated as having potential eggs, milk, cachama, passion fruit and papaya.

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This indicator constitutes an important aspect because one of the strengthening strategies that it established was the goal of consolidating a human resources plan, with a sense of ownership and constant training. This indicator was made to analyze the training hours provided to the employees of the farm and to evaluate every six months for a minimum period of three years.

The processes are geared towards production without planning or control of the costs and the revenue reflects a negative profit. With respect to said results, there is a possibility of increasing the cultivation area with tilling in order to maintain a permanent offering and implement marketing and selling plans with a minimum of two times per week, offering fresh, high-quality fruit.


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Therefore, the creation of publicity material such as videos, pamphlets, and an internet portal with commercial and productive information about the farm is essential. It is necessary with respect to the development of a research program to provide such a system for pastures, which demonstrate better condition with respect to yield and adaptability to the region. At the livestock production level, better results have been obtained in regards to sale volumes in the production systems of eggs, cachama, and raw milk.

The new management of the El Cairo farm must also be concerned with creating a place for self-criticism that results in actions that improve the efficiency conditions, not only within the economic confines but also in the social, research and continuing education levels. Marketing plan Given that the current commercialization is improvised and incipient, there is a need to generate a structured commercialization scheme with established distribution channels.

The object of this research was the Experimental and Academic Farm: Table 2 presents the current state of the distinct subsystems of the farm.

It is pertinent to search for and formulate strategies at the management level that would allow for the flow of the dividends that the farm currently generates through its productive projects, reinvesting them in technology for the production processes.

After carrying out the situational analysis of the farm, some of the elements that were formulated for the construction of a new management scheme for the El Cairo farm can be summarized in the following aspects.

Proposal for a strategic management plan for experimental agricultural and academic farm “El Cairo” of Arauca. Managin in turbulen times. Methodology and research process The object of this research was the Experimental and Academic Farm: English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail.

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The goal at the administrative level is to promote and generate measures that would allow for taking control of the research and generate, in a joint effort with the university, research agendas that would allow for integration with local and regional entities in order to meet the needs of the agricultural sector of this zone.

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The production of passion fruit on the farm takes place seven months after sowing, achieving weekly harvests over periods that have lasted 18 months. Herramientas para lograr competitividad.

The competitiveness of an organization is related to a management plan that is based on a situational diagnosis that allows for the formulation of corporate strategies that necessarily require a system of evaluation for measuring impact and effectiveness.

In accordance with the new mission and vision of the farm, a series elaboracoon objectives was formulated that will have a 5-year evaluation period and that will continue to be determined:. For Goodsteina strategic plan is a document that synthesizes, on an economic-financial, strategic, and organizational level, the current and future positioning of the organization. Based on the information consulted on the financial level, the following aspects were noted: Editorial Trillas, Mexico DF.

Another aspect related to human resources is the need to implement incentive programs for the cattle and agricultural production so that the employees will feel motivated within the organization and develop skills that will help increase productivity. This paper presents a design for a strategic management plan for the Experimental Agricultural and Academic Farm: Based on the reviewed literature of the concepts and models of strategic planning and the knowledge of the relevant operational aspects of the El Cairo farm, it became apparent what were the more important factors that affect the trajectory of the farm in its fulfillment of mission objectives that comprise its role as a public entity of research, continuing education, and teaching.

A study carried out by Posada indicated that the current mission, administrative, and financial management of the farm is not well defined and the operations are difficult due to a lack of documented evidence and of clear instructions for registering cost and revenue; this author concluded by saying