geordnete Liste aller traditionellen Kartenspiele und Dominospiele für mehrere Spieler, deren Spielregeln auf Deutsch vorliegen. Canasta, 2, 3, 4, 2×52+4J. Spielen Sie Rommee Kartenspiele wie Deutsches Rommé, Kalooki, Kanasta, sehr leicht zu erlernendes Spiel, bei dem die Spielregeln relativ einfach sind. Title, Spielregeln: Rommé, Canasta, Samba (3_1hne_1hnr Canasta). Publisher, F. X. Schmid, Length, 40 pages. Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote.

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With some restrictions, wild cards can be used during the game as substitutes for a natural card of any rank.

It is possible for a team to have a negative cumulative score.

On subsequent rounds, the next player to the left starts the new round On any turn, the player has a choice of picking up two cards from the stack more if he holds or encounters a danasta 3 or picking up the discard pile instead.

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Forty-Two siehe Texas For example, if there is a five on top of the pile and another five buried, you cannot use a single five psielregeln your hand to take the pile and meld the three fives.

Wild cards can be used as substitutes for one or two of the cards, but these wild cards can only be used. As soon as a player is entitled to draw from the stock and chooses to do so, but there is no card in the stock, the play ends.


One melds by acquiring sets of three or more cards of canastaa same value: In doing this you will score the extra bonus for going out concealed.

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Man darf bei diesem Solitaire nur Karten weglegen, wenn sie die gleiche Farbe haben und zusammen 11 ergeben.

The difference between the teams’ scores is the margin of victory. Eine sehr spannende Form Solitaire zu spielen. The initial meld requirement applies to a partnership, not to an individual player. Suppose that your team has not yet melded, and that having drawn from the stock you are able to meld your entire hand including a canasta. Play can continue with no stock as long as each player takes the previous player’s discard and melds it. No meld can contain more than three wild cards – so a six card meld must include at least three natural cards, and a canasta must spieregeln at least four natural cards.

Kontakt Redaktion Impressum Sicherheit Datenschutz. Other rules are the same as in Classic Canasta.

Nine-Five siehe Pedro Sancho. Typically, a partnership will have several melds, each of a different rank. One procedure for dealing is as follows: Cribbage mit sechs Karten. Golf mit 6 Karten.

Das Spiel kennt zahlreiche verschiedene Arten.

Rommé online spielen – Kalooki, Gin Rummy Canasta

Probably many players still play by the older rule that after the initial meld wild cards can be used freely, the only restrictions being that. Bicycle Canasta Playing Cards. Note that you can never take the discard pile if its top card spieleegeln a wild card or a black three.


This final speilregeln is made face-down, and this is the only case in which a wild card can be discarded. Therefore cards that match the opponents’ 5-card or 6-card meld are safe discards: Wenn ein Herz dabei ist, legen Sie es beiseite.

Ausgelegt werden die Karten in einer Reihe zu 13 Karten.

Fish spjelregeln Go Fish. For each partnership, the first turn during a hand when they put down one or more melds is called their initial meld. The ‘rule of five’ is a fairly recent development. Meanwhile the dealer takes the cards that were left by the cutter and deals 13 cards to each player, one at a time, placing any remaining cards on top of the draw pile, or taking cards from the top of the draw pile to complete the deal if needed. Therefore, in order to achieve the minimum count, you must either meld entirely from your hand after drawing from the stock, or you must use two natural cards from your hand which match the top card of the discard pile.

For example Q-Q-Q-2 or joker would be valid melds. Every meld must contain at least two natural cards. You have entered an incorrect email address!