Docbook is easy to learn, easy to write, and does things other text Then you process file with Apache FOP, a Java application that. You should also take a look at the information about SVG support in FOP at the apache website: Bob Stayton. Apache™ FOP: General questions¶. What is Apache™ FOP?¶; .. Older DocBook style sheets generate fo:table-with-caption elements, so watch out.

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In order to execute this conversion you will need to have generated XSL FO output by using xsltproc or some other tool capable of doing so.

The three links shown immediately above may be broken since it is common practice to remove old versions from a download page when they are obsoleted. For the entire source and output pertaining to the examples discussed in this section see Table Examples.

Create a suitable directory to contain the stuff that is about to be extracted. Download the zip or tar with bin as a substring of its name to some suitable location. One option you aoache not find is the ability to set DocBook stylesheet parameters on the command line when you use the -xsl option that processes the stylesheet.

Take a look ad DocBook samples he provides. Copy it to the lib subdirectory of the FOP installation.

docbook-apps message

One can use the –loaddtd option to specify an external DTD to validate the file with. In Antenna House, the docook element is axf: This will produce output as an XSL FO Formatting objectthis is an intermediate file type that can be used by other programs to generate other types of output, such as PDF.

For example, on my home machine. The first will be used here to validate XML files and the latter two will be used to cop XML files to produce other types of output. So usually the first row would be wrapped in a thead element.


Some tools used for processing DocBook use the DTD at this location, this is no good when one wants to process a DocBook document on a computer that does not have Doccbook access or where accessing the Internet is undesirable.

The provided customisations are listed below:. These are useful for automated batch processing of many documents, so you do not have to open them one at a time in a graphical interface.

Another tool called a resolver will be installed to allow the tools to map links to files external to the computer being worked on to files local to the computer being worked on. The version numbers apacye here may differ from the ones in your distribution.

You will most likely want to process bitmap graphics in your document. The tbody element may be empty with the table being included in thead or tfoot but this is not the intention. The tools provide the means to validate and transform XML files. Most of them are commercial products, but they alache in serious competition on price and features, which benefits the user community.

From DocBook to PDF using Apache FOP

These can be obtained from http: Where frametype is replaced with one of allbottomnonesidestop or topbot:. Itemized lists are standard bulleted lists and should be used where order of evaluation of the items of the list is not significant, ordered lists should be used where order of evaluation fot he items of the list are significant. I will not contemplate on the DocBook syntax as there are various sources on the internet that will teach you how to use the DocBook syntax for writing.

More information about the entry element can be found at http: Which script you use depends on the operating system: For example the mediaobject element may contain a PNG format imageobject for HTML output and a TIFF format imageobject for print output, there may also be a textobject providing a description of the image for an output format that does not have the capability to display images, for example, perhaps the document will be output in an audio format for people with sight problems.


It is used internally by FOP.

One could use stylesheets such that, in HTML rendered output, the phrase used in the textobject would become the alternative text in an image in the HTML. Here is the zipped customisation layer: The Definitive Guide http: Often one wants to illustrate the use of a program or a commandline, the screen element is intended to mark content up as text that a user docbook see on a computer screen. The programlisting element is used to display information that should be output verbatim, that is, white space is significant.

Download the latest version of the Fop application, from http: It will become apparent how to use the customisation layer in the section on using the tools later. Some common inline elements 3.

How the PDF is created

Linux users can also download a gzipped tar file. More information about customising stylesheets can be found at http: Apaceh I am running a Windows system I have a directory called c: If the document is invalid xmllint will output an error similar to this:.

One may also specify the cocbook of enumeration that the list will display, there are five types of enumeration; arabic, loweralpha, lowerroman, upperalphaupperroman. Download the zipped archive, http: Unfortunately there is no morecolumns attribute, instead one has to use namest to specify the starting column of the entry and nameend to specify the ending column of the entry.

I will not go into details on validating DocBoox syntax, but it is recommended that you validate your files because I guess it is faster than invoking Apache FOP to generate you PDF and realising that somewhere at the end of your documentation there is a syntax error.

This does not seem to provide the desired functionality without modification. Getting the tools working.